Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Anger Management,Thursday, November 9, 2006

Hello Ladies,
This weeks angermanagement will be at Kelly's in Penn Circle. Does everyone know where it is?
Lets get together and celebrate the fact that we no longer have to look at Rick Santorums pathetic mug on tv every 15 seconds..........although, I do feel sorry for Karen and the people of Penn Hills, as I am sure he will be moving right back into that 4 room house that is his "official Residence".........Maybe his half wit wife will want to join our group, we should invite her, she can always say "thank you for the invitation, but I must politely decline"!!!!!!!!Geeze,what an idea, we can invite all the Republicans that lost, I'm sure they have some pretty though anger issues.
But who would break it to Melissa Hart that we don't frequent lesbian bars,we wouldn't want her to get her hopes up.
I am sure some of you have Friday off, so we can whoop it up..........
See you all at Kelly's around 8:00.