Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Wee Bit O' March Madness Or The Madness To March or The March TO Madness

Now where was I???? Last we spoke, Steelers were going to the Superbowl. We all know how that ended. I'm ok with it though. Green Bay seems like a nice enough team. At least we didn't lose to a bunch of creeps.

The High Holidays (St. Patrick's Day) came and went without incident. I decided to march this year. I wasn't going to, but Devin really wanted to and I didn't want him to go by himself. It turned out to be a lovely day, despite being the 8th anniversary of Dan's death.

Speaking of Devin, he's been home with me for a few months now. He had to have back surgery. Poor thing. His back is "messed up." Those were the words of the Dr. when he came into his room the day after surgery.

Some good news. My niece Queen Elisabeth is engaged. Wedding date is May 27th, 2012. The best part is she is having her wedding at Fallingwater. I am so excited. More wedding plans to keep me busy. Woo Hoo!

So enough with the catching up.......

How about this years March Madness!!!! Holy Shit. First let me say that I come from a long line of basketball crazies.

Last night after Virginia Commonwealth University and Kentucky both won by making last minute shots I immediately called my father. It was well after 1 am. As I was dialing his number I heard my friend say something like "You father is going to be up and would answer the phone at this time of the night?" Not only was he up. He picked up the phone on the first ring. Instead of hello he started screaming. "Can you believe it, can you believe it? Both games won in the last second. I can't believe it.... Hello." He didn't know who was calling. He figured it was one of his kids or grandkids. I'm sure he had already talked to my brother 20 times throughout the night. He was so wound up. I'm betting he stayed up most of the night watching replays on ESPN.

And how about Butler's coach! He looks like he's about 15 years old.
How cute is he??? Even though they beat my beloved Pitt. I'll be rooting for them to make it to the finals. As I said above about the Green Bay, at least Pitt wasn't beat by a bunch of creeps. (ie Duke!!)

Best all round image so far for this years March Madness

Please look at how high this kid is jumping. Unfuckingbelievable!!! Who does that??????

The Madness continues...........................(in more ways than one!!!!!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin Go Bragh!

May those who love us, love us

And those who don't love us,

May God turn their hearts.

And if he doesn't turn their hearts,

May he turn their ankles

So we know them by their limping.

*Irish Blessing

Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Is A Healer

And He will raise you up on eagles's wings,

Bear you on the breath of dawn,

Make you shine like the sun,

And hold you in the palm of His hand.

Dan D'Amico

6.14.53 - 3.14.03

As the song says "Time is a healer for all hearts that break."

* I love both songs. The second, by Eva Cassidy I think I must have listened to 100 times the first few months after Dan passed.