Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How 'bout we talk a little about my day today. OK, I spent the better part of the day (I honestly don't know where to start)trying to straighten out one of our patients dental insurance.
I'm not complaining here folks, most of the time I love this job and the people who come with it. And lets face it, I'm not killing myself.
Then there is Dr. Dajit (name changed to protect myself from getting sued, that whole HIPPA thing.)
Dr. Dajit is a 75 year old retired Indian heart surgeon who took a liking to me. I wouldn't say a liking, maybe trust is the correct word. I am the only person in the office who he will talk to. He even calls me when he needs a ride and I go pick him up at his million dollar home.
I have to come clean, I am a closet nice person. I don't want this to get out. I CAN be nice if I want to. Problem is, I don't want to that often.
We have another patient who is blind and she would call and ask if someone can meet her down the street to guide her in. Well one thing led to another, now I pick her up at her home and back. Then she started calling me on my days off to take her to her Dr. appts. (On Friday mornings, no less)
Everyone at work calls me a sucker and laughs at me. But Me, I'm afraid if I say no, I am going to go to hell when I die. (I might be headed there anyway, but if it comes to going either way, this might swing the vote upward.) I need all the help I can get.
So I spent hours talking to the American Medical Association about Dr.Dajit's insurance, or lack thereof. This is not my job by the way.
Which leads me to my gripe of the week. I can't believe the people who come in this office and don't know what kind of insurance they have. This amazes me. Really. Pay attention folks.
I am dying to say to someone, ok then, don't know what insurance you have, then you pay out of pocket.
I spend hours on the computer looking up different insurance companies for assholes who don't pay attention, or don't read info when they get hired. THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM PAID TO DO. I can't fight for you and get things covered that initially were rejected if you do not know what friggin insurance you have.You are adults, and it is not up to me to find out what insurance you have.
Now insurance companies, they are the ones who should have trouble sleeping at night.
Oh well, I will get my reward in heaven. I hope. Plus I'll get extra points from the Pope next week. My new BFF.
Where to go tomorrow. I don't know. Let me think about it for a while. Any ideas?

How about Silky's on Liberty Ave.
around 8:00

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I am not angry. Really, I'm not. A little nervous about a few things, but for once, not angry. What a difference a week makes. People say that all the time, "What a difference a day makes". How true.
I hate to rub it in. But I am starting the countdown to my trip. Wow! is all I can say when I looked up the hotel.Here is the link, check it out.

To quote the Hotel's web site
The terraces of the Parco dei Principi offer one of the most thrilling panoramas of the gardens of Villa Borghese and the city of Rome. Anyone who wants to go higher will have to take a balloon.

We are right by the Spanish Steps.
We are also going to Positano and the Almafi Coast. Positano is where they filmed the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun".
I keep waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me.
And then the whole Pope thing. How that shy,dumb girl in the nun outfit below ends up in a place like this I'll never know??? Maybe I should ask the Pope, doesn't he know it all?
I am trying to think of a word to use. I think Humbling is one that comes to mind.
OK, enough.
I just got angry about something, could someone ask the "Blogger Gods" (To quote SAM) how to put those little lines under a word and you just click on it and it brings you right on the web page you want. Also I just spent the better part of an hour trying to flip the order of the pictures shown above. I wanted to have the hotel pic first and the view from the terrace under the quote. I give up, you get the point.
This week we are going to good old Elbow Room. I will be there around 7 if anyone feels the need to come a little early. I, for one, have been in all week and and getting the hell out of here early!!!!
A Domani
(You all see what I do to the English language, can you imagine what I'll do to the Italian language, excl

Save the date: 10/20....50th BD Party. More info to follow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm not in the mood today to write anything funny. Or write anything for that matter. I am not angry. I'm pretty much not much of anything.(Wow, what a grammatically incorrect sentence) So I was going to just post where we are going tomorrow and be done.
Yeah, right. I always feel the need to babble on and it leads to my finding something to write about by the first three sentences.
How about the start of fall? Last night was perfect. I love fall. I love everything about it.
But with the coming of fall, it also brings about a certain sadness in me. I still get the itch to go somewhere or move on in September. Change, I guess, as in the seasons.
Looking back, alot of changes in my life have happened in the fall.
I remember the anticipation and excitement of going back to college every September.
I moved to Washington DC that following September after graduation.
I got married in September. This Saturday would have been my Silver wedding anniversary.
Instead of planning a party where I get all the tacky silver stuff with 25 on them, I'll probably be sitting in the Mardi Gras or Hambones or someplace similar being my miserable old self. I am sad. No,not really sad, melancholy is more like it.
Oh well, maybe I wouldn't be so miserable if I used my time more productively, like taking a writing class so my blog posts wouldn't be so painful for English majors to read. Do I have any English major readers? Don't know about that one, but you guys know what I mean.

How about tomorrow we go to Kaya in the strip? Karen wanted to try that out.
2000 Smallman Street (20th and Smallman Street)
Tomorrow is the Jewish New Year, so if that's a problem for too many of us not making it, we can go elsewhere and save that for another day.

Sorry to be boring, My friend Andy told me to get off the religious and mother stuff and get back to writing about drinking and sex (As if!!). Hopefully I'll have a fun weekend and have something more exciting to write about next week. But I wouldn't count on it.
As for all that silver I missed out on getting. At least I won't have to polish it for the rest of my life.
Ski says that when you get invited to a wedding and you don't really like the person (Goofy relative or someone) Always buy them something silver, because then they have to spend the rest of their lives polishing it or it looks like shit. Only Ski would think like that!!!!
Below is a picture of my husband, circa 1994. If you never knew him, this captures his spirit perfectly. Making the hysterical face he made while dancing, prepped out in yellow pants (he uncharacteristically had his tie off;a plaid Brooks Brothers, of course)and dancing like a wild man.
That's what we would be doing this weekend if life didn't throw us a curve ball.

See LaVerne, I wrote a whole post and didn't feel the need to mention your underwear or white stretch pants once.

See you all tomorrow around 8. Call me if anyone needs a ride.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sister Mary Eileen

In keeping with the church theme of last week's post, I thought the above picture would be appropriate for this week. (Beings I'm going out Italy soon)
Sister Mary Eileen is the one on top.
I know, I know, quit laughing, pretty pathetic huh?
Funny story.
This is my best friend Maryann Usselman and me circa 1964.
We used to dress like this to play school. The few boys who read this blog probably won't relate, but didn't all girls play school in the summers? Of course very few of you probably took it to the limit and did the whole nun thing, but what can I say, I never do anything half ass.
This was smack dab in the middle of Vatican II, so that explains the different nun habits. I, being the proper catholic girl that I am, insisted on having the old habit, and MaryAnn was the more progressive of the two.
Can you believe we used to walk around the neighborhood like this?
What a wierdo I was.
OK, the best part, and unfortunately the one part I don't have a picture of, is when my cousin (who was a neighbor) played school, they used a neighbor boy to be the priest.
We all used to play mass. (Which was part of school in those days)
He used a frying pan (Because they didn't have a host or challis) to lift up during the Eucharistic Prayer. He also used those flying saucer candies as communion.
I think he actually became a priest, but I have to ask Mary Alice, so don't quote me on that.
Picture this folks, a neighborhood full of kids in a backyard in the "Hood" WATCHING A KID RAISE UP A FRYING PAN. With the girls dressed up like nuns.We took this quite seriously I might add.
I could go on and on, but I am pressed for time today.

Next, how about the backyard? Talk about the ghetto.
My God. I never thought of us as being poor, but looking at this picture, it's safe to say, yes we were poor.
As my mother would say, "Would you look at the cut of Hogan's Alley?" Never quite knew what she meant by that, probably some line from an old movie.
Speaking of back yards, this week's Anger Management is going to be in my backyard. No, not the one in the picture.
I've come along way since 42nd street.

I am making Sangria and chicken salad.
See you all tomorrow around 8 on Alder Street.
Too bad the nun outfit doesn't fit anymore. I'm sure it could fulfill someones fantasy.