Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm not in the mood today to write anything funny. Or write anything for that matter. I am not angry. I'm pretty much not much of anything.(Wow, what a grammatically incorrect sentence) So I was going to just post where we are going tomorrow and be done.
Yeah, right. I always feel the need to babble on and it leads to my finding something to write about by the first three sentences.
How about the start of fall? Last night was perfect. I love fall. I love everything about it.
But with the coming of fall, it also brings about a certain sadness in me. I still get the itch to go somewhere or move on in September. Change, I guess, as in the seasons.
Looking back, alot of changes in my life have happened in the fall.
I remember the anticipation and excitement of going back to college every September.
I moved to Washington DC that following September after graduation.
I got married in September. This Saturday would have been my Silver wedding anniversary.
Instead of planning a party where I get all the tacky silver stuff with 25 on them, I'll probably be sitting in the Mardi Gras or Hambones or someplace similar being my miserable old self. I am sad. No,not really sad, melancholy is more like it.
Oh well, maybe I wouldn't be so miserable if I used my time more productively, like taking a writing class so my blog posts wouldn't be so painful for English majors to read. Do I have any English major readers? Don't know about that one, but you guys know what I mean.

How about tomorrow we go to Kaya in the strip? Karen wanted to try that out.
2000 Smallman Street (20th and Smallman Street)
Tomorrow is the Jewish New Year, so if that's a problem for too many of us not making it, we can go elsewhere and save that for another day.

Sorry to be boring, My friend Andy told me to get off the religious and mother stuff and get back to writing about drinking and sex (As if!!). Hopefully I'll have a fun weekend and have something more exciting to write about next week. But I wouldn't count on it.
As for all that silver I missed out on getting. At least I won't have to polish it for the rest of my life.
Ski says that when you get invited to a wedding and you don't really like the person (Goofy relative or someone) Always buy them something silver, because then they have to spend the rest of their lives polishing it or it looks like shit. Only Ski would think like that!!!!
Below is a picture of my husband, circa 1994. If you never knew him, this captures his spirit perfectly. Making the hysterical face he made while dancing, prepped out in yellow pants (he uncharacteristically had his tie off;a plaid Brooks Brothers, of course)and dancing like a wild man.
That's what we would be doing this weekend if life didn't throw us a curve ball.

See LaVerne, I wrote a whole post and didn't feel the need to mention your underwear or white stretch pants once.

See you all tomorrow around 8. Call me if anyone needs a ride.

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