Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Days Like This

My friends in bloggerland (i.e. Judi!)have been after me to post some pictures of my nephews wedding. I've been talking (obsessing) about this wedding for over a year.

First, a little summary.
As you all know, my sister (The Madonna) moved to DC in 1969 or 70. She eventually married, had children, and grew a life in Maryland. One would assume our family would have eventually grown apart with the miles and years. That's other families, ours.....well, we like to talk on the phone. Alot.

Every day of my life, I still talk to my sister. When my mother was alive, she also talked to my sister every day. Most days more than once. My sister would tell her something. Mum would call me. I would call my sister to confirm. And there started the cycle. Most days it was nothing more exciting than what we all were having for dinner.

Anyway, I'm telling you all this to show we are a close family. To say the least.

Fast forward 31 years. My nephew and godson Jeffrey, meets a nice girl at work in Maryland and falls in love. Head over heals in love. Bonus.......she's from Pittsburgh.

Since Jeff and Kristy reside in Maryland, I become their Pittsburgh wedding consultant. Can I just say that I had a blast doing that!!!!!! Since I have boys, I don't think I will have another opportunity to be such an active participant in someones wedding other than my own. Kristy and I spent days, hours, weekends together planning this wedding. One day we had breakfast, lunch and dinner on the run while looking at wedding venues. A big plus was that we have the same taste. E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E.

One of the things we wanted was to showcase Pittsburgh because most of those attending the wedding had never been to Pittsburgh. Can I just say that they were completely in awe of the city. I really mean it. They LOVED every minute of it.

Here a sample of the fruits of our labor.

Kristy and Jeff David
October 9, 2009
The ceremony: Heinz Chapel.

After the ceremony we all followed a bagpiper down the streets of Oakland to the reception.

The Venue: The Foyer of Carnegie Music Hall at the Museum in Oakland.By far the most beautiful place in the city to have a wedding.

The Bridal dance is done when everyone else (except wedding party) is up on the balcony for cocktails. The bride and groom are dancing in an empty ballroom. It give me goose bumps just writing about it. It reminds me of Cinderella. No one else in the world but the two of them!
This picture is sort of dark but shows everyone up in the balcony watching Jeff and Kristy.

The Cake

The Flowers

The Dancing

We had such a good time. Music was by the Dave Parker Band. Unbelievable. Everyone danced from beginning to end. Especially the rock star groomsmen!!!!(Pictured here with my niece Queen Elisabeth, who looks like she might have a gown malfunction in this picture) Can't believe they had last call at 1:30 a.m.

This is Kristy dancing with my father. (Who drank his FIRST drink EVER. He had a half glass of champagne. In all of his 86 years he never touched a drop of alcohol.)

We had the rehearsal dinner at the Roberto Clemente Museum in Engine House 25 in Lawrenceville. If you ever have a chance, check it out. Everyone loved it.

Our family and Kristy's had the time of our lives. Every last minute was perfect.

I pray they have many, many years of happiness!

If anyone needs a wedding planner, I'm available!

*Needless to say every time I have a "few" I tell Kristy that she was sent to Jeff by my mother. I know this in my heart of hearts because from the minute Jeffrey Andrew was born, she decided he was going to marry a "nice Pittsburgh girl!"

And THAT she is!! And she's so lucky to have found my Jeffrey Andrew David!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Gift's That Keep On Giving

We think this country is in trouble now???? You ain't seen nothing yet if a few of these people get elected into office.

From Christine O'Donnell in Delaware

Sharon Angle telling Hispanic high school students they looked a little more Asian?

Not to mention Sara Palin endorsing a candidate for Pennsylvania that's actually running in West Virginia.

All I have to say is, can we just get a few smart people elected??? I don't care if they are Democratic or Republican, just as long as they are smarter than me! Really, is that too much to ask?

Everything I'm reading says Republicans are not going to give an inch if they take control of the Senate and the House. That's unfortunate. Isn't that what politics is? A game of compromises?

Either party that wins, it still does not do ordinary people like me any good. The very rich and the very poor are all taken care of. And people in the middle constantly get screwed. I think that is what bothers me the most. People in the middle falling for the far right bull shit. As a former long time Republican, I fell for it. Big time. Until my life situation changed and I saw a whole other side. There is just as much corporate welfare out there as there is poor people taking advantage of the system.

Seriously though, I'm betting(hoping) that when/if the Republicans gain the majority, a few of those ideas that they wouldn't even consider the past two years will be put back into action as ideas of their own and in two years they will be all "Look at what WE did!!

And that's ok with me. As long as we are done with the goofy commercials and I can watch TV again!!!

*One more thing, then I'll shut up about it. Why is no one mentioning that most people's Federal Taxes are actually LOWER in the two years since Obama became President.