Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Myron, God Rest Your Soul.

Pittsburgh suffered a great loss today. Legendary sportscaster, Myron Cope (I can't even type it without wanting to say "This is Myron Cope on Sports" in a bad imitation)died at the age of 79.
I can't add much that already hasn't been mentioned on various newscasts, or on the Internet. But I just didn't want to let it pass without mention.
My husband was one of his die-hard fans. You know, the ones who watched Steeler games with the sound off on the tv so they could listen to him on the radio.
Strangely, when I heard of his passing, the first thing I wanted to do is call my brother in law. I'm sure he was thinking of Dan also. He was such a fan.
Oh well, he's in good company. One more person for Dan to have a beer with(As if he needed any more company!)
Watch this, it will bring a tear to your eye:
Of all the tributes I’ve read today, my favorite is actually not something that Myron said, but one that Tunch Ilkin said to him:
“Myron, I don’t think that you can use desultory and ain’t in the same sentence."
Cracked me up.
A few other observations:
From what I've read so far,WTAE said it best when it mentioned he is survived by a son, a daughter, and a nation of Steeler fans.
His proceeds for the Terrible Towel raised 2.2 Million for the Allegheny Valley School. He even signed over the rights of his name to the school, which his son attended. Having a son with special needs, this makes him a hero in my books.
When reading his obituary Gene Collier hit the nail on the head. He said Cope enjoyed his life immensely and had little patience for those who didn't.
I am going to repeat this.
You know what's funny, I was originally going to write something about people not enjoying life in this weeks post. I read that line and thought, I want that line written in my obituary.(Madonna, make a note of this)
I know it may seem weird coming from the writer of a blog on Anger Management.
Hey, even spending half my life angry, I have fun. I even make reading about things that make my life miserable fun.
Life is too short people.
I hope I don't come off as a whiner.
Do I?
When I start whining, please just turn around and tell me to shut up. I won't be mad, I promise.

Let's celebrate the beginning of the "High Holiday's"
Tomorrow we are going to Hambones for Anger Management.
Guaranteed Irish is playing.
Sorry for the late notice, I hate to whine, but it's been an extremely busy, stressful week.
See you all tomorrow.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Angry Girls in Action

Fun time last night until the sissy la la bartender was afraid to drive home in the snow, so he decided to close and shut us off. Of all the nerve.
Seriously, he started about 9:30.
Conversation between a few of us and the bartender:
9:30 Crazy Bartender: "I think its starting to snow."
Us: "Oh really?" (return to conversations)
9:40 CB: "You guys it's terrible out there, I just looked outside and cars are sliding all over the place"
Us:"Oh really,another Lemon Drop please"
9:45 CB: Cars are crawling up 5th Ave and it's really hard to get out of our parking lot when it snows"
Us: "Oh really, another Cosmo please. Thank you, and one for my friend down there also"
10:00 CB: "You guys should look outside"
Us: "So my sister's Ass Matilda is in false pregnancy. They say it happens all the time. (I did not make that up, I swear on my mother's grave that was part of a conversation) It's pretending it's pregnant, but it isn't. Gee Karen, just like a soap opera plot"
10:30 CB: "Last Call" (procedes to turn off music and TV)
Us: Wha?????
10:45 Lights on full blast. Took our glasses, even ones that weren't empty!
Us: "I guess he wants us to leave."
10:50 we all get in our cars and go home,and darn, no one had one bit of trouble.
He better watch, we might add Sunnyledge to our "Don't go" List.
We were the only ones in the place from 7:30 on, I know my tab alone was $40.00. There were around 20 of us. So instead of making nothing, I'm sure the place did alright for a snowy night.
You don't kick people out when you are making money.
We were behaving too. (Ok, we got a little loud trying to take picture on the steps.) Little miss desk clerk takes her job much too seriously.
Despite all, we had a good time. And ladies, our money is good anywhere. As I've said before, we have it to spend. It's not a good idea to get on our bad side. (ie, Shady Grove, Doc's, just to name a few.)
Scratch that, it's not a good idea to get on MY bad side. And I have one as you all know.(As my mother would say, "That's the Polish in me")
See you all tomorrow.
Trinity Gallery
4747 Hatfield St

UPDATE: This Thursday we will be heading to Hamebones in Lawrenceville for a little pre-holiday warm-up. The band Guaranteed Irish are playing. Great Band. Perfect to get ready for the "High Holiday's". Added bonus, no cover.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Long Good-Bye

Awe geeze, do we have to do this? Do we have to have a final Anger Management for Erin?
She's been a good friend to every one of us at one time or another in our lives.
Oh well, I guess she deserves to be happy. But I don't have to be happy she's happy!!!
Only joking, for cryin' out loud.
Seriously, I don't know what I would have done without her at bad points in my life. She is always a voice of reason in my unreasonable mind.
I know, I know, she's only a phone call away up there in Connecticut, but still.
Sigh, oh well. We are going to send her off in grand fashion on Saturday. But this week will be her final AMG.
Our little Erin is graduating and moving on. She is no longer angry.
So tomorrow's AMG we will be going to Sunnyledge, for her commencement of sorts.
We will be there around 7:30.
Sorry folks, that's it for this week's post. I'm too distraught to write any more........

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lonely Hearts Club, Not!

Ok, as I have said before, I never know how these posts are going to start or end. Sometimes I get an idea and just start writing. Sometimes I see a picture. Sometimes I have no idea and look for a picture or word to inspire me.
That's what's going on today. I was playing with the idea that tomorrow is Valentine's Day (Ugh). Which I hated when I was married, let alone single. So I was thinking along the lines of something about Lonely Heart's Club. And Valentine's Day being Thursday, and all.
So I type in "Lonely Hearts Club" on google image. Of course all the Beatles things pop up. No, I think, that's not what I'm looking for. So I continue page by page. Then all these naked pictures of woman come up. Cracks me up. I'm thinking one of two things. First, I am not that lonely, thank you. Second, Jesus, are these woman that lonely???? Wow. How lonely do you have to be to put your naked butt on the internet. Or, how lonely do you have to be to look for naked butts on the internet?
Geeze,I guess I don't have it so bad after all. At least I'm not looking for naked butts on the internet this Valentines Day. Well, I did, but didn't mean to, ok you get it.
So for all the Lonely Hearts out there, we will be meeting tomorrow at Lot 17 on Liberty Avenue. We can cry in our beers!!!!!(Yeah, right)

Just two things this week. You guys are getting off easy today.
1. KDKA had a piece on personal navigation systems that are on your kids cell phones. It lets you know when they are speeding.
Then, get this, texts them that you know. Do you all see the problem here? Just what a kid needs while driving a speeding car. Check his cell texts.......

2. Again, KDKA. Had interview with Etna on their salt problem. They have no where to store it so they always run out.
OK Etna. You are located in the Northeast part of the country. We get snow. That's pretty much a given. FIND A PLACE FOR CHRIST SAKE. You ran out yesterday. The first day we had a big snow. It's February. It's Pittsburgh. It's going to snow.

OK I lied 3.
3. I won't even get started on new coverage. Interrupting normal shows for breaking news. WOO HOO. This just in. It's February, in Pittsburgh, we got 6 inches of snow. WOO HOO.

Sorry for spelling and grammar folks, in a hurry.

Friday, February 08, 2008

My Life Is Now Officially a Car Wreck.

Two things, no, actually three things happened to me these past few days that I wanted to write about while still fresh in my mind.
I was in an accident yesterday and wrecked my car(again) . I can't win for loosing, as my mother would say when things got bad. Never did know what she meant by that. But when things were really, rally bad that's what she'd say. I just called "The Madonna" to see if she could provide insight into the phrase. She just did the perfect imitation, assured me my words were right, and didn't have a clue where she got it from. Again, probably a line from some old movie.
I know, I know, I write just like I tell stories, jumping from one to the other.
Anyway, I was headed to town yesterday to court for the creep who burglarized my house. (second story, will follow)
Was right in front of the courthouse trying to get into the right lane. Turned to make sure there weren't any cars coming. I saw a huge semi in the right lane. So I turned for a second look to make sure I could sneak in front of the semi, decided I could so started to get into right lane. Well, the cars in front of me came to a dead stop as my head was turned for what was a millisecond.
Yeah, I plowed into a brand new car that didn't even have it's permanent license plate on it yet. Never one to do things half-assed. Pushed the brand new car into another car. Had to make sure the thing was totaled front and back.
I look over to my left and about 10 county sheriff's cars were in a line. They all get out and hand me their cards. I'm guessing my actions had them a little worried. I looked like I was ready to have either a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.
But the best part of the whole thing. I finally made the traffic report!
To think, some people go through their whole driving career never to make KDKA traffic report.
I have only been driving little under 4 years. To think they were talking about me when they said "Steer clear of Ross street this hour,three car pile-up blocking traffic in front of court house"
Some people have all the luck!
As I mentioned earlier, I was on my way to attend a hearing for the little jerk who burglarized my house last March. This is my third trip to the courthouse for this. I think he's hoping I won't show up and they will have do drop charges.
He wanted a different public defender. From what I gathered in the hall doing what I do best, eavesdropping, she was yelling at him to get rid of the attitude because the judge is already pissed off, and it wasn't in his best intrest to piss him off more. She wanted him to plead, he wouldn't, so he fired her and now he wants a jury trial.
Can you believe it, a jury trial for Christ sake.
All for $1,200. No wonder the county is broke. This is the third time he's wasted county employee's time. Typical hurry up and wait of the court system.
So now the little bastard gets a jury trial, which we all pay for that will cost way more than the amount of the crime. But it's just not in me to let him go. He walked into my house and took what he wanted.
As Johnny said in Dirty Dancing, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".
This creep can Kiss my Irish Ass if he thinks he's getting away with this.

On to my third thing I wanted to tell about.
My co-worker Suzie is having a baby next week. Thursday was her last day of work. I wanted to buy her a crib metal for the baby so I stopped in the Catholic store in Bloomfield.
While in there I also bought little holy water bottles. When I was in Rome I got a water bottle filled with holy water from St. Peters. I am so afraid one of my kids are going to drink it or water my plants with it(ya know,my whole luck thing). So I wanted to buy little bottles to separate the water to give to people and also to have it marked "holy water" so no one drinks it.
I start telling the nuns why I wanted the bottles, and then one thing led to another and I told them the whole "Pope" story, and the story of me going to confession in St. Peters, blah, blah, blah, you all know the stories.
So the one nun says to the other "Doesn't she remind you of Sister Mary Magaret?" And the other says, "I was thinking the same thing" So they proceed to tell me how much I remind them of this nun.
Then (this is the good part) they asked me if I ever considered entering a Religious Order?
I'm like, what?
They asked again.
I bust out laughing, and said, "Oh my, they wouldn't want me"
They laughed and said "That's exactly what Sister Mary Margaret said and she's a wonderful nun."
I said "Sisters, you don't understand, I am not a nice person."
They said how wonderful they thought I was, and I said again, "No, you really have it wrong, I am actually really, really mean. (OK, I didn't actually want to say Bitch)and not nice at all.
They assured me I was a wonderful person and should consider it.
I thanked them and walked to my car and had a good laugh.
This got me thinking, how does one become a nun later in life so I just looked is up.
God know's I've had enough experience dressing like one as seen in past posts.

Here's what they say:

To become a nun, one must be Catholic, female, unmarried, and sane.
So we're 3 out of 4 one that one, move on.

Women who are not virgins can become a nun.
Whew!!! Was worried about that one.

A widowed woman may become a nun. Generally a nun must have raised any children under eighteen prior to taking vows, since these vows would supersede the care of her own children.
This is a big selling point people, when kids get on my last nerve---So sorry guys, vow's trump you, see ya later.........

Women who are interested in becoming a nun are encouraged to try living in a convent for some time.
Can do.

When a woman decides after contemplation to pursue sisterhood, she may spend one to two years in a convent as a novice.
They have cleaning ladies and cooks, don't they? As long as I'm not assigned as the nun to make the beds.

After fulfilling her term as a novice, the woman can then take temporary vows of chastity and poverty.
This is the deal breaker.
I've already dealt with the poverty thing and never want to go there again, and as for the chastity things, what, no more "booty calls"? I don't think so...........

All things considered, I think I'll pass on the nun thing. Spending my childhood dressed as one is enough for me.
Maybe I can find a man that fantasizes about woman who dress like nuns.
Think so? I've found every other wierdo out there.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Picture This

Think I'll do this post in pictures.

How I feel about Erin Leaving:
(This is funny because this looks just like my mother!)

Great Illustration of past AMG discussions:

How I feel most days:

When I start to get tired of hearing all of the Hillary and Obama stuff, I just look at the picture below and think, thank God, January 20, 2009 can't come soon enough.

Not that I like Hillary or anything, but why are all the men referred to by their last names, and it's ok to just refer to Hillary as Hillary? Don't like the informal thing. Command respect from people.At least refer to her as Sen Clinton. Oh wait, (I'm going to get it for this) I forgot, her husband took all of her respect from her. At least mine.
Sorry, can't let it go. A little problem I have.
I'll stick to the pictures.

The Year of the Rat starts tomorrow. Christ, I'm in my fifth year of the rats....

How about that Superbowl huh? Wow. Kiss my ass Tom Brady. Asshole. (Sorry Sharon)

Funny Superbowl story. We were all watching at the local bar. All of the sudden we see a firetruck outside. Then about 4 Fireman run in the door. In full firefighter regalia. We were all like "What, were's the fire". They said, "There is no fire, we were out on a call and just wanted to see the last minute of the game. We didn't have time to make it all the way back to the station before the end."
I swear. You would think it was the Steelers playing, that's how wild the bar was.

Tomorrow we are going to Mad Mex on Atwood Street per Karen's request.

Did we have fun last week or what? How about Sharon,"Do you mean we have to paint this ourselves?" Could you imagine if she had to do below?

See you all tomorrow 'round 8:00.