Friday, February 22, 2008

Angry Girls in Action

Fun time last night until the sissy la la bartender was afraid to drive home in the snow, so he decided to close and shut us off. Of all the nerve.
Seriously, he started about 9:30.
Conversation between a few of us and the bartender:
9:30 Crazy Bartender: "I think its starting to snow."
Us: "Oh really?" (return to conversations)
9:40 CB: "You guys it's terrible out there, I just looked outside and cars are sliding all over the place"
Us:"Oh really,another Lemon Drop please"
9:45 CB: Cars are crawling up 5th Ave and it's really hard to get out of our parking lot when it snows"
Us: "Oh really, another Cosmo please. Thank you, and one for my friend down there also"
10:00 CB: "You guys should look outside"
Us: "So my sister's Ass Matilda is in false pregnancy. They say it happens all the time. (I did not make that up, I swear on my mother's grave that was part of a conversation) It's pretending it's pregnant, but it isn't. Gee Karen, just like a soap opera plot"
10:30 CB: "Last Call" (procedes to turn off music and TV)
Us: Wha?????
10:45 Lights on full blast. Took our glasses, even ones that weren't empty!
Us: "I guess he wants us to leave."
10:50 we all get in our cars and go home,and darn, no one had one bit of trouble.
He better watch, we might add Sunnyledge to our "Don't go" List.
We were the only ones in the place from 7:30 on, I know my tab alone was $40.00. There were around 20 of us. So instead of making nothing, I'm sure the place did alright for a snowy night.
You don't kick people out when you are making money.
We were behaving too. (Ok, we got a little loud trying to take picture on the steps.) Little miss desk clerk takes her job much too seriously.
Despite all, we had a good time. And ladies, our money is good anywhere. As I've said before, we have it to spend. It's not a good idea to get on our bad side. (ie, Shady Grove, Doc's, just to name a few.)
Scratch that, it's not a good idea to get on MY bad side. And I have one as you all know.(As my mother would say, "That's the Polish in me")
See you all tomorrow.
Trinity Gallery
4747 Hatfield St

UPDATE: This Thursday we will be heading to Hamebones in Lawrenceville for a little pre-holiday warm-up. The band Guaranteed Irish are playing. Great Band. Perfect to get ready for the "High Holiday's". Added bonus, no cover.

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