Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lonely Hearts Club, Not!

Ok, as I have said before, I never know how these posts are going to start or end. Sometimes I get an idea and just start writing. Sometimes I see a picture. Sometimes I have no idea and look for a picture or word to inspire me.
That's what's going on today. I was playing with the idea that tomorrow is Valentine's Day (Ugh). Which I hated when I was married, let alone single. So I was thinking along the lines of something about Lonely Heart's Club. And Valentine's Day being Thursday, and all.
So I type in "Lonely Hearts Club" on google image. Of course all the Beatles things pop up. No, I think, that's not what I'm looking for. So I continue page by page. Then all these naked pictures of woman come up. Cracks me up. I'm thinking one of two things. First, I am not that lonely, thank you. Second, Jesus, are these woman that lonely???? Wow. How lonely do you have to be to put your naked butt on the internet. Or, how lonely do you have to be to look for naked butts on the internet?
Geeze,I guess I don't have it so bad after all. At least I'm not looking for naked butts on the internet this Valentines Day. Well, I did, but didn't mean to, ok you get it.
So for all the Lonely Hearts out there, we will be meeting tomorrow at Lot 17 on Liberty Avenue. We can cry in our beers!!!!!(Yeah, right)

Just two things this week. You guys are getting off easy today.
1. KDKA had a piece on personal navigation systems that are on your kids cell phones. It lets you know when they are speeding.
Then, get this, texts them that you know. Do you all see the problem here? Just what a kid needs while driving a speeding car. Check his cell texts.......

2. Again, KDKA. Had interview with Etna on their salt problem. They have no where to store it so they always run out.
OK Etna. You are located in the Northeast part of the country. We get snow. That's pretty much a given. FIND A PLACE FOR CHRIST SAKE. You ran out yesterday. The first day we had a big snow. It's February. It's Pittsburgh. It's going to snow.

OK I lied 3.
3. I won't even get started on new coverage. Interrupting normal shows for breaking news. WOO HOO. This just in. It's February, in Pittsburgh, we got 6 inches of snow. WOO HOO.

Sorry for spelling and grammar folks, in a hurry.

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