Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Picture This

Think I'll do this post in pictures.

How I feel about Erin Leaving:
(This is funny because this looks just like my mother!)

Great Illustration of past AMG discussions:

How I feel most days:

When I start to get tired of hearing all of the Hillary and Obama stuff, I just look at the picture below and think, thank God, January 20, 2009 can't come soon enough.

Not that I like Hillary or anything, but why are all the men referred to by their last names, and it's ok to just refer to Hillary as Hillary? Don't like the informal thing. Command respect from people.At least refer to her as Sen Clinton. Oh wait, (I'm going to get it for this) I forgot, her husband took all of her respect from her. At least mine.
Sorry, can't let it go. A little problem I have.
I'll stick to the pictures.

The Year of the Rat starts tomorrow. Christ, I'm in my fifth year of the rats....

How about that Superbowl huh? Wow. Kiss my ass Tom Brady. Asshole. (Sorry Sharon)

Funny Superbowl story. We were all watching at the local bar. All of the sudden we see a firetruck outside. Then about 4 Fireman run in the door. In full firefighter regalia. We were all like "What, were's the fire". They said, "There is no fire, we were out on a call and just wanted to see the last minute of the game. We didn't have time to make it all the way back to the station before the end."
I swear. You would think it was the Steelers playing, that's how wild the bar was.

Tomorrow we are going to Mad Mex on Atwood Street per Karen's request.

Did we have fun last week or what? How about Sharon,"Do you mean we have to paint this ourselves?" Could you imagine if she had to do below?

See you all tomorrow 'round 8:00.

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