Sunday, January 21, 2007

OK that we know old angry ladies don't get served at Shady grove, let all send our 21 year old sons over there to stiff the waitresses.................We know how this AMGirls thing got started...Little did they know.....while we waited to get a menu and fucking drink.......the stupid young girls were waiting to get all the young men their drinks and there we sat.......which brings me to my point....we're older and have money to spend, their loss.....big time
Enough of that, Recap time......
Mel shock us all by changing her name to Mel-Cum.....need I say more....
Through the Tubes is still looking for a new cell phone plan if any one has any ideas...or friends. Mrs. Depp is to the rescue.
Ms. Tiny Tumor is not to be blamed for Mel-Cum...The Mayor doesn't know, that's what I get for leaving for "Five minutes". All I know is they have great skin and great boobs....They must be doing something right...... Maybe they could start their own Cum Spa. Millions sold in Europe. We might be on to something girls......
Hopefully Lucky got home in time to clear her cabinets....Did ya?
I hate to bring it up again, but the whole ShadyGrove thing makes me think of my favorite line from any movie. In Fried Green Tomatoes, remember the scene when Kathy Bates character runs into the young girls car after they took her space and called her old. "I'm older and have more insurance, Get the Fuck out of my way" I love that. Makes me think of the day the whole anger managements thing got started. Some boys thought it was all about them, it wasn't. I still can't go to Sunsieri's.
Judge Judy suggested Lot 17 on Liberty for this Thursday...sound good to us......
See you all there. Thursday, Jan. 25 @ 8:00.
Coming Attractions...Bowling Feb. 8. (Just think how we can vent with bowling pins.....)
LATE EDITION: The organizer of the Garden Groove @ Phipps (remember, where Mrs. Depp was whoring herself out for more drink tickets)was just in out office getting his teeth fixed. Told him of our predicament and he said he was aware of the problem and they will be selling more drink tickets next year as well as extending the event for another hour. Whew, glad we got that problem fixed.......

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lets see, last we heard, Back through the tubes was kissing boys at the Gras, Mrs. Depp found her good blue scissors and we decided camel toe is certainly a foe…….
Which brings us to last weeks recaps from Hambones:

Suicide Ideation – polka dot bikini and helmets???

Pussy Kats got a ring, so "Back through the Tubes" had to buy some bling.

Is cleavage appropriate at Hambones?????

Can you "Quit" being Jewish as Mrs. Depps mom in law did?

Speaking of Mrs. Depp, wasn’t it entertaining recalling her "Hookin" for Tickets at Phipps?

Will The Princess ever convince her insurance company not to count the times she totaled her car within 2 blocks of her house?

Why isn’t our Christmas 8 days long?

Think Cupcakes and Fancy Pants are bowling hustlers?

Don’t have a blogger name, we might have one for you……I’ll post the names we already have on my e-mail and you will be forever referenced on this blog by that name. If we didn’t pick a name for you yet, lucky you, better pick one for yourself and let me know. If it were me, I wouldn’t let a bunch of drunk, angry women name me, but that’s just me. We sure had fun with our own suggestions.

Did anyone happen to read the article in this past Sundays post gazette ( what is appropriate dress for people over 50? Think about it, I’m sure we have lots of comments on that one. Since we all dress appropriately.

Deer Bars??????????????????????????????????What the hell was that? someone is definitely going to have to fill me in on that conversation, was I in the bathroom, or maybe on the phone "Calling" for drinks?

See you all Thursday, 1/18 at Shady Grove on Bellfonte and Walnut @ 8:00. I have to make it an early night because I have to go to Sacred Heart's 6:45 A.M.Mass on Friday Morning. Yes you read right, that is AM and yes, Mass. Don't ask. I can't be angry during church, so don't get me started. I'll be sure to say a few prayers for you all. (God knows we need them)

See you all soon,

The Mayor

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2006 Anger Management

Some random questions from last week discussion at Cappy's ...............
  • Pumping your breast on the job, do new mothers really need a separate room, or if they cared so much about it, maybe they could try staying home and raising the child themselves?
  • How ugly are the curtains at Brillo Box?
  • Mrs. Depp's cheap jewelry (is all her jewelry from New Orleans cheap?)
  • Expensive face creams, can it ever help us?
  • Marcel, is he available?????
  • Does kissing strange men in Le Mardi Gras' cause cold sores ?(ask "Through the Tubes?)
  • Speaking of.. are all the men in Le Mardi Gras' strange and will "Through the Tubes" kiss them all?
  • Are we "Good eggs with bad attitudes" or "Bad eggs with good attitudes"?
  • Should all people in 10th ward have a gun?
  • Are "The Mayor's" booty calls with Mr. B worth it?
  • How long will "Through the Tubes" keep this cell phone plan? (or will she try to get additional minutes from the man she was kissing?)
  • Why did it take so long for Mr. Depp to find Mrs. Depp's "good Blue scissors"???
  • And finally last but not least, "Camel toe" - friend or foe?????????????
  • Get the answers to these and other unanswered quesions (that were not suitable for publication)this week at Hambones, Butler Street, 8:00.