Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lets see, last we heard, Back through the tubes was kissing boys at the Gras, Mrs. Depp found her good blue scissors and we decided camel toe is certainly a foe…….
Which brings us to last weeks recaps from Hambones:

Suicide Ideation – polka dot bikini and helmets???

Pussy Kats got a ring, so "Back through the Tubes" had to buy some bling.

Is cleavage appropriate at Hambones?????

Can you "Quit" being Jewish as Mrs. Depps mom in law did?

Speaking of Mrs. Depp, wasn’t it entertaining recalling her "Hookin" for Tickets at Phipps?

Will The Princess ever convince her insurance company not to count the times she totaled her car within 2 blocks of her house?

Why isn’t our Christmas 8 days long?

Think Cupcakes and Fancy Pants are bowling hustlers?

Don’t have a blogger name, we might have one for you……I’ll post the names we already have on my e-mail and you will be forever referenced on this blog by that name. If we didn’t pick a name for you yet, lucky you, better pick one for yourself and let me know. If it were me, I wouldn’t let a bunch of drunk, angry women name me, but that’s just me. We sure had fun with our own suggestions.

Did anyone happen to read the article in this past Sundays post gazette ( what is appropriate dress for people over 50? Think about it, I’m sure we have lots of comments on that one. Since we all dress appropriately.

Deer Bars??????????????????????????????????What the hell was that? someone is definitely going to have to fill me in on that conversation, was I in the bathroom, or maybe on the phone "Calling" for drinks?

See you all Thursday, 1/18 at Shady Grove on Bellfonte and Walnut @ 8:00. I have to make it an early night because I have to go to Sacred Heart's 6:45 A.M.Mass on Friday Morning. Yes you read right, that is AM and yes, Mass. Don't ask. I can't be angry during church, so don't get me started. I'll be sure to say a few prayers for you all. (God knows we need them)

See you all soon,

The Mayor

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The Mayor said...

If I get there first I'm sitting next to the cute guy....Maybe he'll have friends or a brother.