Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2006 Anger Management

Some random questions from last week discussion at Cappy's ...............
  • Pumping your breast on the job, do new mothers really need a separate room, or if they cared so much about it, maybe they could try staying home and raising the child themselves?
  • How ugly are the curtains at Brillo Box?
  • Mrs. Depp's cheap jewelry (is all her jewelry from New Orleans cheap?)
  • Expensive face creams, can it ever help us?
  • Marcel, is he available?????
  • Does kissing strange men in Le Mardi Gras' cause cold sores ?(ask "Through the Tubes?)
  • Speaking of.. are all the men in Le Mardi Gras' strange and will "Through the Tubes" kiss them all?
  • Are we "Good eggs with bad attitudes" or "Bad eggs with good attitudes"?
  • Should all people in 10th ward have a gun?
  • Are "The Mayor's" booty calls with Mr. B worth it?
  • How long will "Through the Tubes" keep this cell phone plan? (or will she try to get additional minutes from the man she was kissing?)
  • Why did it take so long for Mr. Depp to find Mrs. Depp's "good Blue scissors"???
  • And finally last but not least, "Camel toe" - friend or foe?????????????
  • Get the answers to these and other unanswered quesions (that were not suitable for publication)this week at Hambones, Butler Street, 8:00.


Mrs Depp said...

Happy New Year!

Mrs Depp said...

I will be there but a little late. Save a bar stool for me, hopefully next to some cute guy.