Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Myron, God Rest Your Soul.

Pittsburgh suffered a great loss today. Legendary sportscaster, Myron Cope (I can't even type it without wanting to say "This is Myron Cope on Sports" in a bad imitation)died at the age of 79.
I can't add much that already hasn't been mentioned on various newscasts, or on the Internet. But I just didn't want to let it pass without mention.
My husband was one of his die-hard fans. You know, the ones who watched Steeler games with the sound off on the tv so they could listen to him on the radio.
Strangely, when I heard of his passing, the first thing I wanted to do is call my brother in law. I'm sure he was thinking of Dan also. He was such a fan.
Oh well, he's in good company. One more person for Dan to have a beer with(As if he needed any more company!)
Watch this, it will bring a tear to your eye:
Of all the tributes I’ve read today, my favorite is actually not something that Myron said, but one that Tunch Ilkin said to him:
“Myron, I don’t think that you can use desultory and ain’t in the same sentence."
Cracked me up.
A few other observations:
From what I've read so far,WTAE said it best when it mentioned he is survived by a son, a daughter, and a nation of Steeler fans.
His proceeds for the Terrible Towel raised 2.2 Million for the Allegheny Valley School. He even signed over the rights of his name to the school, which his son attended. Having a son with special needs, this makes him a hero in my books.
When reading his obituary Gene Collier hit the nail on the head. He said Cope enjoyed his life immensely and had little patience for those who didn't.
I am going to repeat this.
You know what's funny, I was originally going to write something about people not enjoying life in this weeks post. I read that line and thought, I want that line written in my obituary.(Madonna, make a note of this)
I know it may seem weird coming from the writer of a blog on Anger Management.
Hey, even spending half my life angry, I have fun. I even make reading about things that make my life miserable fun.
Life is too short people.
I hope I don't come off as a whiner.
Do I?
When I start whining, please just turn around and tell me to shut up. I won't be mad, I promise.

Let's celebrate the beginning of the "High Holiday's"
Tomorrow we are going to Hambones for Anger Management.
Guaranteed Irish is playing.
Sorry for the late notice, I hate to whine, but it's been an extremely busy, stressful week.
See you all tomorrow.

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