Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hey You, Yeah You, Come On In.

I usually start my day reading the Burg Blog. Pitt Girl cracks me up. (She is also responsible for posting the website that made the church sign,
I was reading one day when she mentioned this thing you can put on your blog called Stat counter. It keeps track of how many hits you get and where they come from, etc....
So I installed it on my blog.
Most of the stuff is greek to me. It just shows a bunch of feeder numbers that mean absolutely nothing to me. I am technically impaired.
But some stuff is easy and fun.
It showed that during the month of February, I had 937 hits.(No, 930 of them were not me) Over at Burg Blog, Pittgirl just passed one million hits.(See note below) I'm not comparing the two, but that 900 is a pretty good number for some dumb girl from the 'Ville who can't speak correct English, let alone write it.
(Although I hate to admit it, but thanks to my old friend Mr.B, it was his idea. I had no idea what a blog was)
And believe it or not, it really helps to put into words things that bother me. When you put your troubles into words and read them back, suddenly they don't look so bad after all.
The one bad thing, you're life and thoughts are out there for all to see. Sort of like "airing your dirty laundry"
One section called recent keyword activity, shows how people came upon my blog. People who are searching for other things but, lucky for them (some might say unlucky) my blog came up.
Here's a list of search words, I've added a little commentary in italics.

Common Sense is Lost" We know, we know, you've come to the right place
"Sissy, chastity boys" WTF are they looking for........
"Sr. Mary Eileen" no comment
"Irish Anger Management" Girl, you're getting closer
"I'm not an idiot, I just act like one" Yeah,tell me something I don't know
"Sesame Street Smoking" Again, WTF??
"I am getting random anger, how can I change that?" My personal favorite, Please let me know when you find out?
"Managing residual anger from the past" HELLO
"Naked or Ass" Boy, are you on the wrong site, you don't want to see this naked ass.
"Dumb Waitresses" Too many comments to post
"Anger Management in Wexford England" Hold on lady,help is coming.The Anger Management girls are on their way!!!!

Which brings me to another thing this Stat Counter does.
It shows a map of where all the hits came from. So far: Rome,Italy; Dublin,Ireland; Dubai; Orissa,India; Baghdad??? Ontario,Canada; Adelaide,Australia; British Columbia; Anchorage,Alaska(which I know is US, but it's far); Saskatchewan,Canada; New South Wales,Australia; Faro,Portugal; and too many American cities to mention.

I think I can assume that the person in Connecticut that started reading last week is probably Erin since she just moved there last week, Duh.

Neat stuff that means nothing to anyone, just allows me to waste more time.
God forbid, I'd clean my house or do something constructive with my time.

So a big Hey! to that person out there in Waterloo, Canada that was googling "Anger Management Fun and Games", that we are...You've come to the right place.

This week, as the sign above says, we are headed to the Elbow Room.
See you all there, 'round 8:00

Note: People who read Pittgirl actually know what the concept of blogging is, and how its supposed to work.
My readers are basically my friends, which means they're old and don't get the whole blogging thing.
Example: When they have a comment about something they read here, they promptly pick up the phone and call me. Or the really progressive ones e-mail me comments.

So basically my blog is just a website that people read once a week.
That's ok.

Another note: Did anyone get the relationship of the picture? Ya know, church signs on highways trying to get people into their churches......................
OK,Ok, it's 4:58AM Give me a break.

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