Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have alot to cover today and too little time, so I'll be short and sweet. (Two words rarely used to describe me)

Matilda the ass is really pregnant. Ya know, she cried wolf too many times, so no one took her seriously. But hey, she must have finally got some. It was confirmed in an e-mail last night. Karen and Carl are getting a new ass.

Sometimes I am so stupid. Maybe not stupid. Naive might be a better word. I was looking for a picture of a pregnant donkey to put on this post. So I type in "Pregnant Ass" in the search box for google.
Uh, yeah, you can imagine what popped up. At work, no less. The picture above is the only real Pregnant Ass I found suitable for print.
Other (Not Breaking) News:

The future Mrs. Katsafanas is going to be in town this Thursday.
I originally told people we were going to Ryan's Pub this week. But I let Erin choose and since she is coming "Through the Tubes" (GASP!). That is a little far for her. So after much discussion on the matter, we settled on Rolands in the Strip.
Since Erin was in that other state for her real birthday, and being the awful friend that I am by not acknowledging it Sunday.(Geeze, She's not even gone five weeks and I forgot her birthday already) We will be celebrating this Thursday.

Last but not least, can't let last week pass without comment.
OH MY GOD! Was that fun or what?
Wasn't it great to have a bartender that wasn't a sissy-la-la?
Good ol' Dino was anything but.
How fun. A Bartender that can sing and serve at the same time.
Someone (we won't mention any names)should go over and check him out. Maybe he'd pick up a few pointers.
Ya think?

See you all tomorrow 'round 8:00.

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