Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sister Mary Eileen

In keeping with the church theme of last week's post, I thought the above picture would be appropriate for this week. (Beings I'm going out Italy soon)
Sister Mary Eileen is the one on top.
I know, I know, quit laughing, pretty pathetic huh?
Funny story.
This is my best friend Maryann Usselman and me circa 1964.
We used to dress like this to play school. The few boys who read this blog probably won't relate, but didn't all girls play school in the summers? Of course very few of you probably took it to the limit and did the whole nun thing, but what can I say, I never do anything half ass.
This was smack dab in the middle of Vatican II, so that explains the different nun habits. I, being the proper catholic girl that I am, insisted on having the old habit, and MaryAnn was the more progressive of the two.
Can you believe we used to walk around the neighborhood like this?
What a wierdo I was.
OK, the best part, and unfortunately the one part I don't have a picture of, is when my cousin (who was a neighbor) played school, they used a neighbor boy to be the priest.
We all used to play mass. (Which was part of school in those days)
He used a frying pan (Because they didn't have a host or challis) to lift up during the Eucharistic Prayer. He also used those flying saucer candies as communion.
I think he actually became a priest, but I have to ask Mary Alice, so don't quote me on that.
Picture this folks, a neighborhood full of kids in a backyard in the "Hood" WATCHING A KID RAISE UP A FRYING PAN. With the girls dressed up like nuns.We took this quite seriously I might add.
I could go on and on, but I am pressed for time today.

Next, how about the backyard? Talk about the ghetto.
My God. I never thought of us as being poor, but looking at this picture, it's safe to say, yes we were poor.
As my mother would say, "Would you look at the cut of Hogan's Alley?" Never quite knew what she meant by that, probably some line from an old movie.
Speaking of back yards, this week's Anger Management is going to be in my backyard. No, not the one in the picture.
I've come along way since 42nd street.

I am making Sangria and chicken salad.
See you all tomorrow around 8 on Alder Street.
Too bad the nun outfit doesn't fit anymore. I'm sure it could fulfill someones fantasy.


Anonymous said...

Straight from "The Madonna"
aka "the Mayor's sister"

According to the FBI, they "borrowed it from the 'Hogan's Alley' comic strip of the 1800s. The alley was located in a rough neighborhood, so we thought the name fit our crime-ridden town."

Of course she would know where it came from.....

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and so
interesting and I love the fact that we were and still are a part of
each others lives and we know how it really was. We had fun no doubt
and it does not matter "what kind of yard we had" it is the memories
that will last forever and those memories are to be cherished.
Mary Alice