Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Pope Episode

As the pope writes on his "Blog to God", I am sure he is saying something like "Blessed father, what did I do to deserve this? I know I promised to serve you and that you are a forgiving God, but really, Ski and Eileen? You are letting them loose in Rome and I have to meet with them. On their 50th Birthday's no less. Ok, Ok God, everyone has their cross to bear, this can be mine. Hail Mary full of Grace...........Hail Mary Full of Grace.......Hail Mary Full of Grace.....
Yes, Lucy and Ethel are going on the road again.In a few weeks, we are headed to Rome to celebrate our 50th Birthdays.
So in keeping with that theme, why don't we go to Church Brew Works this Thursday to ease us into the church thing. They have a great outdoor deck.
As Ski (Lucy) can attest to, we have had quite a few adventures in our lifetime. Just like the real Lucy and Ethel, it seems like everything we do turns into "An episode".
Just to name a few:
The Innagural Ball Episode
We went to Bill Clinton's inagural ball with Ski in a $10.00 dress from Gabe's and me in an old Bridesmaids dress of my sisters. We had 20 minutes to find something to wear and get going. We pulled up in an old minivan with Cheerio's all over the floor. (We drove down with all the kids and they trashed the car). Everyone else pulled up in limos. Someone gave us free champagne with the presidential seal on all bottles. We dragged them back to the minivan in a garbage bag.
The Brad and Angelina Episode
While staying at the Waldorf in New York, Brad and Angelina were staying a floor above us. Ski (Lucy) was smoking in the stairwell when who comes sneaking down the steps but Angelina and her baby. Ski corners her for a few minutes and she continues on her trek down the back stairway, certain that the nutcase smoking in the stairwell is going to turn her into the press. Lucy did not. But we did sit outside their door and listen to them put their kids to bed, loosers that we are.

Note: The person who told her to smoke in the stairwell was standing guard for the person in the next room. That person was the Secretary-General of the United Nations. By the end of the weekend, Lucy was refering to the guard as "her guard Felix". Hopefully, he had a job after we left.
I could write a book of our episodes, but the point I wanted to make here is, given our track record, someone should warn the Pope. When we have our audience with him, something crazy is sure to happen.

Stay tuned for The Pope Episode.

See you all in church.

Church Brew Works

38th and Liberty Avenue



Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

When you go to an inaugural ball, it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Anyway, when the President or Vice President arrive, everyone has to stay where they are and you can't move around. Lucy (Ski) got locked in the bathroom then Al Gore arrived. She had to stay in there the whole time he was there until he left and they unlock all doors and you can move around again.

Jasmine said...

hmm, wonder what craziness will ensue next weekend when Ruth and I make our yearly pilgrimage to LAOH -- I recommend you not win the drawing or they might begin to suspect something...

Ms. B. said...

Sure, Eileen, as if I believe that ANYONE could contain SKI against her will. She had some bidnez in that room.....if you follow me, cuz.

About your religious avocation: habits aren't too easily broken. Since you and I are "single" now is our big chance to start our own order of nuns. Female religious rganizations have already taken names focusing on mercy and charity. That kinda paints us into a willing corner: WE CAN BE THE "SISTAS OF LUV" Not sure how you feel about this, but I think the Pope is going to jump on it before another faith snags us away.
I remain,
Yours in LUV,
Sister Mary Ruthington