Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Facebook? Oh, I thought they meant Face Lift.

So yesterday I am reading the new issue of Newsweek. There is an article about the 23 year old boy who started Facebook. Being over 25, obviously I know nothing about Facebook. So I read the article. My first thought is, damn, why didn't I give birth to that boy?
Second, being the "Neb-nose" that I am. I check it out. "Grey Squirrel" hops into action.
First I go on web site. They make me register. I try to put some fake name in and it doesn't work. I have to put a real e-mail address to confirm. So I reluctantly do so. I get the expected confirmation e-mail.
I look around the site and suddenly this page pops up and says I have five friends already on Facebook. What? How do they know who my friends are?
Then my whole e-mail address book pops up and asks if I want to invite these people to be my friends.
Let me say that some people in my address book haven't heard from me in quite some time, or just e-mailed once or twice a few years ago. (I'm one of those people who keep everything, even junk e-mails for some odd reason).
Now I am stuck, thinking to myself, dear God I hope they don't automatically send invites to everyone on my address book to be my friend. How in the hell do I get out of this thing.
So I just X out of web site and go about my business.
This morning I check e-mail and I get about three e-mails from facebook. One says Ali has written on your wall. The other says Liz has written on your wall.
So I sign on to see what this wall is all about.
There is a message from my 18 year old niece Ali, and I quote "Ha haha i cant believe you got a facebook! hahaha.I wrote back saying I didn't think I got a facebook, whatever that is, I was just being my "nebby" self.
But at least she accepted me as her friend.(whew, it would be pretty bad if my niece refused)_
So, now I am trying to figure out if everyone got invites to be my friend, or is it just the people that are already on facebook that happen to be in my address book? I'm confused. As would anyone over 30 would be. Having kid's in their 20's (unfortunately not the inventors of anything)I am sure they keep us confused on purpose.
Some of my friends would maybe think they meant to send an invite for a "FACE LIFT".
If they sent invites to my whole address book,I apologize, but I would love to see my old friend Bernie's face when they invite him to be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure he will "politely decline".

A few notes:
Casualty report from those who drank Jimmy Bros' Mojito's at the Gras last Thursday:
Three of us did not make it to work the next day, you know who you are. (It would have been four if I had to work Friday)
I went to Breugger's twice last week without incident.

This week's AMG:
Lot 17 on Liberty Ave.
See you all around 8.

Call me if you want to meet earlier.
Speaking of Face lifts, did anyone notice the face lift that I gave our blog?
We have to pick a day and time when we can all get in the picture. So many of the regulars are missing from the one I put on here, but it's the only one I had.
Sorry to those of you missing. We'll get it right.


Anonymous said... a parent of kids in their teens...i was suckered into creating a facebook page...oh it is so interesting trying to learn and catch up with new fun stuff.

and i must also admit that my only friends are my sons, who think it is quite fun to poke me and throw things at me and start fights with me when they know damn well that i do not know how to defend myself.

sorry to have missed the fun last thursday...but in retrospect maybe i am glad i did....i stayed at home and kept before mentioned teens busy playing games in the dark...we had no electric for sixteen

will see you thursday night for sure.


Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Too funny. I figured you knew.
I already got another message on my wall. Like you said, the young ones in my family making fun of us.

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Did you get an invite to be my friend. I won't make fun of you, I promise.
We can talk about Face Lifts........

Anonymous said...

The blog is a riot! And just for the record, I did accept you as my friend on Facebook. Is this the same as accepting Christ as your lord and savior?

Ginny Ann (First Cousin)

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

I guess it does since I am going to Rome to see the Pope in a few weeks. I will certainly pray for all our poor souls, God knows we all need it.
Sorry If this posts 4 didn't post the previous three times.

Ms. B. said...

What a marvelous new look for your blog. It pushed me to tweek Southern Anger Management's page, but not by much.

Facebook scares me. Too many students are on it, and I get plenty of them during the day. I promise I will still be your digital friend.

Oh, and Ginny "The Blasphemer" Ann, I would compare it more to the reawakening of the recent Hilton-Ritchey friendship.

Ruthington [Eileen's BFF in Alexandria, CEO of Southern Anger Management, friend to small animals, and defender of the faith as a soldier of Jesus Christ]

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

wouldn't that make you St. Francis of Assisi?

Ms. B. said...

I prefer: Ruthington of a Sissy