Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How 'bout we talk a little about my day today. OK, I spent the better part of the day (I honestly don't know where to start)trying to straighten out one of our patients dental insurance.
I'm not complaining here folks, most of the time I love this job and the people who come with it. And lets face it, I'm not killing myself.
Then there is Dr. Dajit (name changed to protect myself from getting sued, that whole HIPPA thing.)
Dr. Dajit is a 75 year old retired Indian heart surgeon who took a liking to me. I wouldn't say a liking, maybe trust is the correct word. I am the only person in the office who he will talk to. He even calls me when he needs a ride and I go pick him up at his million dollar home.
I have to come clean, I am a closet nice person. I don't want this to get out. I CAN be nice if I want to. Problem is, I don't want to that often.
We have another patient who is blind and she would call and ask if someone can meet her down the street to guide her in. Well one thing led to another, now I pick her up at her home and back. Then she started calling me on my days off to take her to her Dr. appts. (On Friday mornings, no less)
Everyone at work calls me a sucker and laughs at me. But Me, I'm afraid if I say no, I am going to go to hell when I die. (I might be headed there anyway, but if it comes to going either way, this might swing the vote upward.) I need all the help I can get.
So I spent hours talking to the American Medical Association about Dr.Dajit's insurance, or lack thereof. This is not my job by the way.
Which leads me to my gripe of the week. I can't believe the people who come in this office and don't know what kind of insurance they have. This amazes me. Really. Pay attention folks.
I am dying to say to someone, ok then, don't know what insurance you have, then you pay out of pocket.
I spend hours on the computer looking up different insurance companies for assholes who don't pay attention, or don't read info when they get hired. THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM PAID TO DO. I can't fight for you and get things covered that initially were rejected if you do not know what friggin insurance you have.You are adults, and it is not up to me to find out what insurance you have.
Now insurance companies, they are the ones who should have trouble sleeping at night.
Oh well, I will get my reward in heaven. I hope. Plus I'll get extra points from the Pope next week. My new BFF.
Where to go tomorrow. I don't know. Let me think about it for a while. Any ideas?

How about Silky's on Liberty Ave.
around 8:00

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