Monday, October 01, 2007

Arrivederci, Baby!

All things Italian are going through my mind. Including movies.
Since I am counting down the days I will be in beautiful Italy, (which, by the way, I would rather be counting down the days I am headed to Ireland, but that's a whole other story.)
Wonder which of the following scenario's will play out????
Let's start with the Tony Curtis movie "Arrivederci, Baby!"
So in this movie, Tony Curtis plays a rich playboy who charms rich widows, marries them, kills them and then spends all their money. He finally meets one that is the female version of himself, mistaking him for a rich widower. They both get what they deserve.
If you read this blog, you know me, so you all know my mother must have skipped the Dr. appt. when they give baby Irish girls the Luck of the Irish thing.
I am known for having a disproportionate amount of bad luck. So this would be my luck, I'd meet someone who wants me for my money. I'd want him for his money and neither of us has any.
Scratch that.
The only person who thinks I'm a rich widow is Kathy's daughter Cailey.
I'm not fooling anyone there.
Ok, next we have Roman Holiday, with the lovely Audrey Hepburn.
In this movie, The endlessly charming Hepburn plays a European princess on an official tour through Rome. Frustrated by her lack of connection to the real world, she slips away from her protective handlers and goes on a spree, aided by a tough-guy news reporter (Gregory Peck).
In any ones wildest dreams, I could never pass for a princess, let alone one who attracts the attention of someone like Gregory Peck.
Scratch that.
Then there's"Three Coins in a Fountain"
The plot, standard soap opera fare. Three young and single American women are employed as secretaries in Rome.
Ok, has potential, so there are four of us and we are not secretaries and we are not young.
Of course, all three find romance, not to mention ever-changing wardrobes and lavish living accommodations. In 1954, secretaries must have made a bundle in Italy !
I can dream can't I? After all, we are staying across the street from Trevi Fountain.
Ok, ok, I'll move on.
Rome Adventure
Starring Troy Donahue and Angie Dickinson, (well before Police Woman Fame)
Prudence resigns from her teaching position after being criticized for giving a student her copy of a romance novel. She sails for Italy, takes a job at a small bookstore in Rome, and meets Don, who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Prudence and Don tour Italy together, and romance naturally follows.
We're getting close. When I started working for the FBI in 1978, Police Woman was a hit series. My friends used to call me "Pepper", just to make fun of me, of course.
Ok, so that's stretching it, I'll move on.
Il Postino
The life of a fisherman, Mario changes dramatically when a famous Chilean writer settles on his little Italian island. Living in exile because of his political beliefs, Neruda needs a postman to deliver the huge quantities of mail sent to him by his admirers and Mario takes the job since he hates fishing anyway. The two become friends and Neruda helps the shy and clumsy Mario to win the heart of Beatrice, the beautiful waitress at the village's inn, by showing him the beauty and power of poetry.
Well, it could be changed to a story about a girl who writes blogs..........
Ok, here's what's really going to happen. I've saved the best for last
"Under the Tuscan Sun"
Frances's(Diane Lane) seemingly happy San Francisco marriage ends abruptly, she goes into a funk. Urged by her friends to move on, she joins a bus tour of Tuscany where, on the spur of the moment, she buys a crumbling villa. She assembles a crew of oddballs and immigrants to repair the house; Although life gets in the way of love, Frances's wishes come true in unexpected ways, and there's always the Tuscan Sun.
Yeah, that's is, that my friends, is the scenario I am envisioning.
I can dream, can't I.
Ireland and Maureen O'Hara marrying John Wayne will just have to wait a few years.
I'm going to find my "Quiet Man" in Rome.
Yeah, right!!!!!

Thursday we will be celebrating two things.
My leaving for Italy (Which means no AMG next weeks)
We will also be celebrating Ginny Ann's Birthday.Yes, someone else is having a birthday!
Arrivederci, baby!!!!
See you all Thursday around 8.

We will be celebrating a special Tuesday edition of AMG on 10/16. It is my big 50 and we are going to Cafe Roma on 4770 Liberty Ave. It's BYOB.
The food is great, but it is not very big so we need to make reservations.
Let me know who all wants to come and I will make reservations.
Also, Birthday-Rama will continue on Saturday, 10/20 at Hambones. The official Birthday party. More info to follow on that.

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