Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Person's Trash Is Anothers Treasure

Yesterday was trash day in Shadyside.
So I'm starting the morning on my long, long three minute commute to my office. Suddenly I stop dead in my tracks.
This can't be, I'm thinking to myself. Nah, there must be some mistake.
I step back, look again. My eyes are not deceiving me. It's not a mirage.
There it is for all the neighborhood to see. Right there on a sidewalk in Shadyside.
I found evidence that someone else drinks boxes of Cheap Pink.
I know what you're all thinking, this was my garbage. I swear to you all, it wasn't.
This was just too good to keep on walking.
I happened to still have my camera in my purse from Saturday. At the risk of a neighbor looking out of their window and catching me taking pictures of garbage. I take a picture of the evidence.
So there you have it.
There are more of us out there and I have proof.
I will find them and we will bond over glasses of cheap pink.
Maybe we were twins separated at birth. And all this time we were living on the same street.
I can see it now.
Monday on Oprah, tune in for twins who found each other by their garbage.
I'll know it's true if, when we finally meet,they pull the pouch of Cheap pink from their purse.

I'll be drinking Cheap Pink tonight at Elbow Room. I'll be there by 7:00 because I want to watch Mollie on Wheel at 7:30.
See you all tonight!

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