Thursday, October 04, 2007

Anger Management Without the Mayor????

Hmmm, so Karen(who needs Eileen, we can finally go where I want)Bowman decided she will take over my job next week and be ACTING mayor of AMG. Yeah, right. We'll see.
SHE decided you guys are going to go to Goosky's on Herron Ave on Polish Hill.
Or was is Gaffney's on Penn Ave. Or maybe she said Nieds, on Butler Street.
Guess we'll never know.......
I wonder if she would jump in my grave that fast????

Only joking. Do whatever you want. I will be in lovely Rome while you guys are drinking beer on Polish hill.
Have fun and as the song says "Please don't talk about me when I'm gone."
Goosky's on Herron Ave.
The place is not much to look at, but they have great Polish food which I'm sure the"Real Pope" would have loved.

Remember, Tuesday, Oct. 16. Special 50 Birthday Edition of Anger Management.
Cafe Roma, 7:00.
Enter (God forbid if you can) in the comments section if you are attending so I can make reservations.


Mrs Depp said...

Whoever left the black hoodie at Minutello's it is in my possession.No Longer Thru the Tubes and I thought it belonged to Ginny but she has advised that it does not.

I think we should wear babuskas to Goosky's. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

two comments from vicki since i can't remember what my name was, cupcakes? nut bread? nut head? too much beer sometimes or too cheap of pink. i will try and get to Goosky's with or without babuskas. i have been there once so i'm sure i can find it. i'll definitely be an attendee on the birthday bash 10-16, along with some cheap pink, so count me in not sure of the timeframe, but i'll try as close to 7 as i can.

Otis said...

Not to worry.
She won't be junmping into the grave cause i'll be there.

How quickly they foget. Sigh.

Mrs Depp said...

Otis where have you been- you are alive on the blogg but you don't return phone calls. Which state are you in PA or TX or the state of confusion

Anonymous said...

No desire to be acting mayor. Although, Pgh's current mayor is much younger that his predecessor... Touché!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Before it is pointed out to me, I meant "than his predecessor."