Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Is A Healer

And He will raise you up on eagles's wings,

Bear you on the breath of dawn,

Make you shine like the sun,

And hold you in the palm of His hand.

Dan D'Amico

6.14.53 - 3.14.03

As the song says "Time is a healer for all hearts that break."

* I love both songs. The second, by Eva Cassidy I think I must have listened to 100 times the first few months after Dan passed.

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Judi said...

Oh Shit! Kate and I got to the Smithfield a little late in the game! We were having too much fun at Easy Street (great place for Parade Day, btw). Sorry I missed you! I would have loved to see you and catch up. Next year, let's coordinate!
Hope your son is okay...gotta hear all about it!

So happy to see this blog are so right...time does heal. I am glad you are healing. Thinking of you today and sending you Shamrock kisses.
Have a great St. Pat's Day!
P.S. We ALL survived childhood....thankfully.