Friday, January 15, 2010

There, But For The Grace Of God, Go I

I can't stop watching the news about the earthquake in Haiti.
While watching, questions keep popping up in my head.
Some are silly. Some have no answers. Some are just common sense questions, the answers of which I know nothing about.

Question #1. (Under the there are no answers category)
Why does stuff like this always happen to the poorest of the poor? Why? These epic tragedies seem to always happen in the poorest places on earth. We were talking about this last night. I, half thinking out loud said, why doesn't this stuff ever happen in Paris? I didn't say that against the French or anything, it was the first place that came to my mind when thinking about wealth.
Or better yet, why doesn't it ever happen under Rush Limbaugh or Pat Robertson's house?(May they both burn in hell, God forgive me)
I guess God knows who can take it and who can't? These people have nothing. Never did and never will.
Jesus, when is enough enough?

Question #2. (Combination of things I know nothing about but seems common sense is not being used)
So I'm switching from news cast to news cast and all they are saying is the airport is closed because of the backlog of planes trying to get in and out. There are planes that can't land with supplies and help.
So I'm like "Wait, how did you all get there with your hundreds of reporting team members?" Katie and company and hundreds of photographers, reporters, etc. got right into the country and to where they are supposed to be.
Does that make sense? Couldn't just one team go and share information and save the rest of the room on transportation vehicles for rescuing and supplies.
Plus, I might be wrong but I'm guessing here that these reporters have water and are not sleeping in the streets.

Just wonderin'.

Thanks to Ginny and friends over at That's Church, the two Pittsburghers and the orphans future is looking alot brighter than it was yesterday. But they are still not out of the woods.
Anyone out there know anyone with a plane?

Just askin'. Hey, ya never know.

All that comes to mind throughout this whole thing is what Harriet always told us. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

*Picture is of two Pittsburgh sisters at their orphanage in Haiti in happier times. (From That's Church)


Erin said...

My thoughts exactly regarding the hoards of reporters. Couldn't the cost of getting them there be better spent on supplies for the people who really need them?

your friend laura said...

i totally agree and have been thinking the same thing about the media.

it all seems completely ridiculous to me, not to mention unfair. and it makes me grumble.

i will never understand stuff like this. i love me some anderson cooper, but even this is too much.

with love from pittsburgh,