Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucy and Ethel Do Golf

So I went to the US Woman's Open on Sunday. While it was certainly fun, esp in a VIP tent (free food and booze, woo hoo!) it wasn't for me. Why, you might ask. You have to be friggin quiet! I was in trouble in the first five minutes. Really. I was. I yelled out Ginny Ann's name while some lady had her hands up in the air. If you've never been to one of these things, when the people on the course put both hands in the air, sort of like a referee would when someone scores a touchdown in football, no one is allowed to talk. STUPID. They take one of those hands to point to you while the other is still up in the air as if to say "There is the asshole who's never been to a golf tournament and doesn't know to keep her big mouth shut." STUPID.

I've been thinking about this. Supposedly they need to concentrate. They are hitting a little ball while standing still. I know it's hard because if it weren't, I would be a golfer. Having said that, don't you think a baseball pitcher would need silence to concentrate while throwing a ball in the general direction of someones head at 90 mph? (esp. if I was the one with the bat!!)

I'm thinking it has to do more with tradition and how golf was played by the wealthy in country clubs and they are all boring and quiet folks and they got used to that so now its a rule. STUPID.

Needless to say, I was like a bull in a china shop.

But it was fun. Free food and drinks, hey I'm always up for that! Aaaaannnd I conformed. If you didn't know any better, you would think I so belonged there. I totally looked the part of a longtime golfer who hangs out at Oakmont.(hey, I do go there a few times a year with Aunt Patsy!!) I had my Oakmont visor on, my LaCoste golf shirt and my skort. PLUS, I was hanging with my favorite nun! Little did they know..............

*The picture above was taken on my contraband cell phone. OF COURSE I lied when they asked if I had one in my purse. NO ONE is taking that baby away form me!!!!!


Sue said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE captured the essence of the game PERFECTLY...!!! ha..ha...
The tent was fun...I ate my way through every flavor of Dove Bar that exists on the earth.
LOVE the cell phone photo..especially since you "got over on em" with the phone!!!
Can't wait til our next party!!!!

Judi said...

Sorry I missed it....
Although I am pretty sure I wouldn't look the part (bling, bling, bling) nor would I be able to act the part (free booze....yeah...that makes me act up)
BTW---your outfit sounds very Country Club....a skort? Well, I'll be....