Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whose Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Every so often I read something in the paper that leaves me scratching my head. This morning I saw this in the Post Gazette. Fayette County Commissioners agreed to sponsor a 15 Million dollar federal loan application to 84 Lumber. At first glance. No biggie. Then I'm like "wait a minute, isn't the owner of 84 Lumber, Joe Hardy, a Fayette County Commissioner?" Is there something I'm not seeing here? Did he just vote to give himself a 15 million dollar loan from us, the taxpayers?

I don't know, maybe I'm just stupid or something. This seems crazy to me. Maybe Joe Harding should try limiting his divorces from baby girls to one a year. They must be draining him of his money. Or maybe he could sell a plane or exotic animal or something.

So whose smarter than a fifth grader? Apparently not me because this just seems stupid!!

Just askin'

Speaking of being stupid. How about these four Mensa's. Holy Shit. Who was their leader, Snookie? Hopefully Penn Hills School teachers union solved their contract disputes. This does nothing to help their case!

OMG, I just Googled "stupid looking Mafia" for a picture to go with this post. Urban Dictionary was the first link to pop up. Look at Urban Dictionaries #2 definition of Gangsta. Perfect. No picture needed.


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Judi said...

Did you write that? Seriously....did you submit #2??
I'm embarrassed to tell you that I haven't read the paper in ions so you are my source for local news at the moment!