Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Daughter Remembers

A Daughter Remembers
I listen for her still...a phone ringing can
send me winging back
into my memories of her,
and remembered laughter lights my day. 
I look for her familiar places
where the sense of her presence
lingers like a fragrance, and I feel
the warmth of her arms around me again.
Forever, I will be her daughter--
Trusting in her love,
Delighting in her praise--
These beautiful gifts from my mother
live inside my heart...
and I listen for her still 
I always will.

*Verse from a card sent to me by my Aunt Patsy on my first Mothers Day without my mother. So appropriate, as usual. 


Joanne Murray Vereb said...

My sincerest condolences...I can relate...I miss my Mom and Dad every single day and it's been
38 years. God bless you <3

Judi said...

How lovely and how true!!
Our mothers never leave us and our children are always with us. We are the daughters that our mothers raised!
After 40+ years of being a motherless daughter, I still find a beautiful comfort in smelling my mother's shiney little compact. That cheap powder never lost it's scent. And, for that, I am eternally thankful. Thank God she didn't buy the expensive stuff....
We are lucky girls!