Friday, May 16, 2008

I've Given Up My Sissy La La Tendencies

All time best line from last night came once again from Karen.
She's given up her "sissy la la tendencies" So have I girlfriend, so have I!
Actually, if my fuzzy memory serves me right. I think she was just paraphrasing something I was saying.
I was just mentioning that after three years, I finally can act like a normal semi-intelligent person when the B-man's around. I no longer sink into my chair and turn into that shy, 17 year old, sissy-la-la. I guess there's trouble in paradise because he's been around alot the past month or so.
I truly do not care. And I don't think he does either. And it feels great. We can sit next to each other in the Gras and have a normal conversation. Neither of us feels the need to run out the back door.
Big accomplishment for us, by the way.

So I say it again. I've given up my sissy la la ways.
Watch out people. I'm a Sissy-la-la Graduate!
You can be too! We are so over that!!!!!!!At least I am......... for now.

How about I'm image googling Sissy, you can't even believe what images came up. Try it in the privacy of your own home. Lets just say it was an appropriate name for a certain bartender.

OK onto some things that have been heavy on my mind:

Last night I was walking "Smokey the Guard Dog" around the block before heading out to meet the AMG girls. I was walking past Cafe Zino and out comes this huge rottweiler. I'm like, "holy shit" where is this dogs owner? At about that time I yell rather loudly, "Whose dog is this?" The dog gets closer and starts barking. I see big teeth. Again I yell. Who the fucks dog is this?". Then the dog jumps on my poor Smokey and they start fighting. At that point I scream at the top of my lungs." WHO'S MOTHER FUCKING DOG IS THIS. GRAB YOUR MOTHER FUCKING DOG." Out of the restaurant walks the dogs owner, grabs her dog and just walks away. No I'm sorry or is your dog alright. I then scream, "you stupid bitch, what's wrong with you? Why would you leave a dog like that off a leash?.
Really, talk about a stupid bitch. I was shaking like a leaf. And this bitch just walks away.
I guess I yelled so loud, my throat actually hurt from screaming.

That's that. Other Bitches n'at:

How about The Vatican says we are allowed to believe in aliens. Gee thanks, I was worried about that. Now I can sleep better.

Did you know I'm a dentist now? Yeah, I got my D.M.D. from West Virginia University. I just told them that I work in a Dentists office, and people ask me all the time about problems with their teeth. Even when I'm out in bars (as Ski can attest to). So yeah, they talked about it and said they would count work experience as credit for classes. I told them I think my QPA should be about 3.8. and they said fine. I didn't even have to call the Governor. So another one of Harriet's daughters is an MD. We all know The Madonna lives in MD. So we just have to work on the brother, and we'll be the perfect family.
Hey, it worked for Heather Bresch.
What a bunch of yahoo's. I feel badly for the professors. How can they be taken seriously when your university is known throughout America as the number one party school. Then this Garrison character comes on board and starts giving away degrees. Talk about screwing things up. He need to get his pampas ass outa West Virginia University.
And to Little Miss Heather who says she did nothing wrong so she will not resign her position at Milan Labs. How about lying on you resume and fraud, just for starters.
We won't even go to exploring if she paid for credit's she was GIVEN. And we wonder why prescription drugs are so costly. With jerks like her running the show, they aren't going to get any cheaper.
Note to Governor: Your daughter lied on her resume to get a job. She was caught. Then she called you, who in turn called your buddy and reminded him that you are his biggest donor. And the company she works for is another big paycheck. You tell him to fix problem. He does. Putting the reputation of the entire university on the line.
I think you all deserve each other. No wonder you're all stuck in West Virginia. Who else would have you??????

Alrighty then just wanted to get a few things off my chest while I was thinking of them. (Since I'm no longer a sissy la la and all.)

I guess I've wasted enough time. I need to clean my house before someone calls the health department on me.

One more thing that would totally make me a major bitch. Karen says that Matilda the Ass is pregnant for a year! Is that true? Wow. Poor Ass'. I would hate to be pregnant for a year.
Although my Aunt Betty has 11 kids and was pregnant for 99 months. Yes, 99 months. I would slit my wrists. Anyway, Karen promises some pictures of Matilda the Ass. Maybe she can be our mascot.(Or Heroine)

Ok Ok, now I really have to go and clean my kitchen.

See you all next week. Dust your Bucco stuff off. We are meeting at the Gras between 6 and 6:15. If you can't be there by that time, plese let me know. I can meet some of you at entrance.

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