Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh great, like I'm not already pissed off. I get this.

September 24, will feature a People's Uprising, a mass march to disrupt the G-20 summit. We'll be starting at Arsenal Park at 2:30 pm in Lawrenceville, a vibrant working class community in the city, and marching to the G-20 summit downtown. Our theme is "Power from Below, Not Impositions from Above." Our only permit is our feet and voices. The G-20 is in the house, throwing a party. Let's crash

Damn I hate party crashers. I wish my college roommates lived in Pittsburgh. Cheerio and Keto would take care of all them there protesting commie mf'ers. They would go running back to their mom's faster than that girl Mary something who tried to live with us for five minutes junior year. I guarantee it!

Seriously though folks, I have dear friends and family across the street from Arsenal Park. Jaggoff's better not mess with my town. Esp Lawrenceville. We all know how protective I am of Lawrenveville. Just ask Lisa!

So in the word's of Lawrenceville's own Mark Lewandowski of SPUD fame, HEY YOU, GET THE HELL OUTTA MY YARD!!

Or better yet,how about Charlie Daniels Just go and lay your hand on a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

I dare you.


r. k. said...

i have had the pleasure of dealing with my own destructive anger issues for decades. it began with the discovery of my dead brothers body floating face down in the bathtub when i was but 4 yrs old. it only became worse after that. i have chronicled these events and others in the newly released true novel by Eloquent Books entitled Euclid Avenue, Our scars mean something. the press release can be seen at the book is also available at barnes & noble, books & co, books-a-million, borders, select hallmark book stores and

Judi said... you know r.k.?
Anyway....looks like you and I are feeling the inconvenience together about this G-20 stuff!
Oh my!
Since I can't stress eat...I guess I'll stress drink. I'm doing dinner with the Lydons (spirited friends and their hubbys) in Lawrenceville Saturday night (Piccolo Forno). The males in attendance will keep us out of trouble...
I hear there's a mass in the D'Amico family tonight. While you are praying for the souls of the dearly departed...pray for me...would ya?