Thursday, September 24, 2009

Calm Before The Storm

This is Walnut Street today. Three blocks from my home. Hard to believe isn't it? On any day of the week, this street would be busting at the seam with activity.
Not today.
I feel like my city is under siege. Yesterday there were military transport helicopters circling overhead. Right now all I hear is police sirens. Lots of them.

There's not a person on the street. ANYWHERE!

Having lived in DC and working on Pennsylvania Avenue, I'm no stranger to protests. One time I was late for work(surprise, surprise)running to get there last minute. Marlon Brando and company had my whole building surrounded to protest the FBI's involvement in Wounded Knee. Let me tell you, I was pissed. I wanted to tell Marlon I really had nothing to do with it, plus I was late for a meeting, and my boss is going to be pissed enough as it is, so couldn't he just let me by this one little old time?

Anyway, you know what it feels like here this week, does anyone remember the scene at the end of The Untouchables when the Feds are at the train station waiting for Al Capone? The clock is ticking, the guns are aimed. Tick, tick tick, nervous perspiration is dripping from their foreheads. They are well prepared. Waiting. Then some woman starts walking up the steps with a baby carriage and screws everything up.
It feels like the city is the train station. All the guns are aimed, just waiting for a protesters to step out of line.

Hopefully I won't be the lady with the baby carriage!

Welcome G-20 Summit.

Now please go home so that my street can return to this:


Judi said...

I'm right around the corner from you Eileen waiting for the big march from Lawrenceville to go by my building! You're right....eeerie calm around here. The drive in was uneventful--one 20 minute hold up for a team of 200 bicycleing National Guards to pass by (Blvd of Allies). We have a tent city on the campus and lots and lots of law enforcement presence....feels very much like a police state! Starbucks in Mt. Lebo was very safe this morning. Haven't ventured down to the one at Forbes and Craig...
We had more excitement in my little suburban hamlet yesterday with the schools being locked down because of the gunman on Old Farm Road!
Maybe this was all just a huge over-reaction!!!
OOOH...those pix of Shadyside really make me sad!
Stay safe!

MaryPit said...

Hi Eileen,
I enjoy your blog very much (found it through Judi's Lap Band blog). This is my first posting to yours and hers because today is the first day of my new life! I am doing everything I never did before starting ToDAY! I am coming to Magee for an appt to get MY LAP BAND and plan to go to Shadyside (never have been there)to see and shop. Thank you for posting this about the stores. I will have to check this out.
Mary Pitt

ADayInTheLife said...

Our town was so empty during that time, but I am so proud that Pittsburgh held it together and suffered little during this event.