Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Til Death Parted Us

So today, September 15 is my 26th wedding anniversary. Yes, I am a little sad.
I am sad not only because I am no longer able to celebrate with my husband. I am also mourning the loss of that 28 inch waist!!!!! I guess that died along with Dan!!

*Notes on the faded picture above.

Someone once told me I had a sexy back (no laughing!!!)......looking back maybe that's why I loved the back of my wedding dress?? I bought the dress because of the back!! I also had to buy the dress in white, not the off-white that I wanted. Why? Because my husband wanted to wear a white dinner jacket so he could pretend he was Humphrey Bogart!!! How many brides have to get a dress to match the husband's tux? I'm thinking not many. That's why our marriage worked. Yep, I loved that man, with his perfectly ironed monogrammed hankies and all!!


Judi said...

Your back was beautiful in your white dress and your Dan looked perfect in his white tux. It wouldn't have been as beautiful any other way......
Happy Anniversary E!

Burgh Baby said...

Happy anniversary! :-)