Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give Thanks.........Or Not

Sorry I've been largely absent on this here blog for a while. Maybe that will be my upcoming New Years resolution. Can you believe we have to start thinking of that shit already??????

I bet you all were "Giving Thanks" this year that I've been quieter than usual..... Well, just because I haven't posted my opinions of late doesn't mean I don't have them...........so here goes........

Starting off with my ol' friend the Pope. He says that condom use is ok in certain circumstances, such as male prostitutes because basically they are having sex with other men so you aren't stopping conception anyway. THIS is exactly why people think Catholics are crazy.

Papa, Papa, Papa (as the little nuns were screaming at St. Peter's while they were trying to knock us over to get a first row view of the Pope) Do you really think you are going to be a deciding factor in anything a male prostitute does?

I can picture it now. Some strung out junkie, just turning tricks to get more heroin, says to the john, "Oh no, we can't use a condom. It's against my religion."

Really Papa, I don't think your opinions are that important in a male prostitute's life. They should be, but they aren't.....

Next up, the old standby, politics. I know, I know, quit groaning. I'll never shut up......

So after the Republicans won control of the house, the President invites them all over to the White House to discuss the future of the country. They ALL declined. All of them?????? You mean not one of them could make it?????? They ALL had scheduling conflicts??????? And they are getting paid to govern?????? They haven't done a damn thing is two years. Wish I had that job.

If the President calls you, you come. Period. Cancel the meetings. He's the boss. When they are the boss (God forbid!) they can command the same respect.

I think he's just too good for them. As the article goes on to say, they had a televised meeting last year. The President stood at a podium. They sat in the audience and had to raise their hand (gasp) and the President would answer their questions. Obama effectively answered their questions. They later stated that the President used that session to embarrass them and command the room. As well he should have............

How about this TSA whole body search fuss? Seriously folks, if they want to scan me, go right ahead. I guarantee you, it's going to be harder on whoever has to see my naked ass than on me walking through a scanner for 10 seconds. And to the Mensa's who are telling people to "say no." Wow, you can stand in line for four hours instead of the customary two during the busiest travel weekend of the year. Wow, that will show them. Them, being people who are scanning who have to be there anyway and are getting paid to be there..........

Which brings us to this week being Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. Although since my mom passed away, its bittersweet.

We all go our separate ways now, but when I was growing up, Thanksgiving was always at our house and Christmas was always at the Devinneys. I could probably write a best seller on those two dinners alone!

My mother would get out the "good dishes." I think she got them with green stamps. She would set the table the day before, while Christmas music blared in the background to get her in the mood to clean. Things were the same year after year. Aunt Babe made the cole slaw. Mary Alice brought the relish tray. And cousin #2 Georgie ate it all. Of all 30 or so of us, I think he was the only one who liked olives and radishes. Come to think of it, I think he was the only one who ate the beets also. And the green beans. Maybe he just didn't like the turkey. I'll have to check on that!

As we got a little older, you knew wedding bells were in the air when one of us brought a boyfriend or girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. The engagement ring usually was given that Christmas.

When we kids started having kids, we just kept adding a card table. When there was no more room in the dining room, we just started setting up additional tables in the living room of my mom's tiny house.

We were young and we had no idea that when we were cramming around that table holding our hands up high in the air when Aunt Babe screamed "WHO WANTS PUMPKIN PIE?" that they would be some of the best moments of our lives.

Oh.......just maybe we did. The grandkids and great nieces and nephews still tell me how much they loved sharing holidays meals and were thankful that we did it as many years as we did until logistically, it just couldn't be done anymore. We only had one bathroom!!

These two crazy sisters raised their kids to enjoy each other. So much so, that all these years later, we still consider ourselves not just cousins, but friends. As my sister in law once proclaimed bitterly "Not everyone has a peachy keen family like yours!

And for that......this Thanksgiving I am especially thankful to Harriet and Babe! Thanks for making our crazy family "peachy keen!"

So folks, that's my take on things this week. Like it or not.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

*The picture above of my mother and Aunt Babe was taken on Thanksgiving 1974. The only workspace they had to feed thirty people was the kitchen table. Notice the towel rack right on the wall, And the sink with the pipes, my mothers apron,come to think of it, I don't remember having cabinets in the kitchen and can't remember where we kept the every day dishes. (we never had to do the dishes, Thank God!!) The "good" ones were kept in the China Cabinet.....my mother would kill me if she knew I sent this picture of her dirty kitchen all over the Internet!!


Judi said...

Thank You for this Eileen....
As I battle shingles and make stuffing into the wee hours....your blog post made me smile. Yes, I've been cooking through my disease! My freezers and fridges are so overloaded with soups and stuffing and God knows what that I don't have room for the damn turkeys...they are in coolers on the deck!
Anyway...what I wanted to say was...memories are little gems that keep us connected to the ones we love. Each year, when I make my mother's stuffing, I call my aunt for instructions. Even though I know exactly what she will tell me and even though I really don't follow the directions exactly (let's face it, my mother never used Williams Sonoma stuffing), I still do it. It makes my aunt (my mom's younger sister who is now 89) feel important and it makes her feel that the DiPippa stuffing lives on. Which, I assure you--it does. No one makes stuffing with 2 types of sausage and raisins as far as I know...it's OUR THING! 8-)
Anyway, thanks for making me think about all of this....I need all the diversions I need. Shingles suck....no....they do more than suck. But, since it's a holiday week...I won't elaborate. But, trust me...God is testing me!

You are such a funny, heart-touching girl.
I'm thankful I know you. Happy Thanksgiving and if you need a good stuffing recipe, let me know.

Sue said...

Ahhhh I KNEW I could count on you to comment on ALL of these issues!!! Happy Thanksgiving..you are a gift!!!
Ohhh and the photo of your mom and aunt....isn't it amazing...we all had these great Thanksgiving dinners cooked in tiny kitchens WITHOUT granite counter tops!!!!! In fact, as you say...no space at all!!!
Ahhhhh they were great days!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Eileen!!!!