Tuesday, December 07, 2010

While I'm Thinking About It

Every time I write a post, I keep reminding you all that I haven't been blogging much. I also haven't been keeping up on most of the blogs that I used to follow.
Last evening,I had a few minutes to catch up on some I used to read faithfully every day.
The funny thing about the blogging community is that sooner or later, we pour our hearts out writing about our feelings. Then complete strangers comment. You go back and forth talking about things you care about. Sooner or later, you become "friends" with these fellow bloggers. I always laugh that these people know more about me than my family. You know whats going on with them at work, their religious values, kid problems, family outings etc. Right Judi?

Eventually things they say come up in conversations with family or friends. Maybe someone will ask how long you've know a certain person you were talking about. I always have to stop and laugh at myself when I say "well I've never actually met them."

Anyway, I say this because while catching up on my favorites last night, I came across this post . Although it was written on Nov. 1, I just came across it now. Amy over at Callapitter says it so much better than I ever could.

The haunting thing about this is the title of her last post. I hope I don't die waiting for health care reform to happen.

She did die. Without the health insurance that surely would have saved her. Leaving a husband and two young sons behind. It's not a woman in some political commercial. Or some story a politician is citing as an example. Or a person from some far away place that makes you doubt it's real. It's a real person. A Pittsburgher. A young mother who traveled in the same blogger circles as me.

Sorry to be a bummer. This really makes me sad. I wish I would have seen this sooner.

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