Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Ghost Of Bloggers Past

yep folks....... I'm back. I'm back to torture all you persnickety proper English speakers/writers who were lucky enough to have had decent teachers who actually taught. Unlike me, who had a 110 year old Polish nun who couldn't speak English let alone teach it.
So don't judge me as I tell my tales of anger, stupidity and absurdities that seem to follow me as I go through this crazy life,OK? I'll try not to make it too painful. At least I've lived to tell the tale!
Last week I was lucky enough to turn 55. (Thank you) But to tell you the truth, I wasn't too sad to see 54 go. It was a rough year. Probably one of the worse. But again, I lived to tell the tale. I try to focus on the fact that for a stupid ass, dirt poor girl from Lawrenceville, I've been around (ahem, no comment! When crazy things happen to me I think to myself. Hmmmm, how would this all play out as a sitcom. I not even kidding!!! Even though I bitch, I am so lucky to have had such an interesting and amazing life.
So, where was I for the past 360 some days? I guess you'll just have to check in now and then to find out now won't you. ;) I have so many stories, my head is exploding!!!!!
Annndddd, Did you really think I could keep quiet through the whole election????? Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the Saints in Heaven can this please be over. Hopefully without a President named Mitt who believes in magic underwear!
Since the AMG girls are no more, maybe I'll change the name of this blog to "I Lived To Tell The Tale" (if I can figure out how to do it ON MY NEW IPAD!! Woo hoo)

*Picture is the front of a card I bought at Wild Card in Lawrenceville. If you haven't been there, GO!!


Judi said...

Welcome back! I for one am happy to have you back in blogland! Now, start blogging!!!! NO EXCUSES!
So great to see you Saturday night!
Looking forward to your next post!

Sue said...

Ohhh how did I miss this update?? I have checked here periodically throughout the year...and the first time I skip a few weeks...I miss the update!!!

I am so looking forward to your posts....I love sharing your adventures!!!!