Thursday, May 09, 2013

I Miss

I miss writing on my blog.
I miss my old life.
I miss my old house.
I miss my husband.
I miss knowing I would spend my entire life with a man who was so handsome, he still took my breath away, even after 20 years and with all his faults!
I miss being kissed.
I miss slow dancing.
I miss comfortable silences.
I miss my mother.
I miss being a good mother.
I miss my mothers advise, which made me a better mother.
I miss Devin.
I miss having to take care of my family.
I miss being content staying home with my family.
I miss my father not living near me.
I miss my porch.
I miss my back yard in the spring.
I miss my back yard in the summer.
I miss my old life.
I miss my old friends.
I miss my sister.
I miss my niece.
I miss my nephews.
I miss my Aunt Babe before she had Alzheimer's.
I miss my Grandmother.
I miss walking up the street and running into 3/4 of my family.
I miss late night escapes to my cousin Tomasina's house.
I miss her kids breaking into my house.
I miss having fun with my Aunt Patsy.
I miss having arts and crafts girls nights when all the girls were little.
I miss Miss Harriet.
I miss driving a Mercedes.
I miss being able to afford a Mercedes.
I miss Gang Picnics at North Park.
I miss hearing my parents and their friends sing.
I miss walking up Lakeview Ave and stopping to have a beer with Bernie Flannery in By the Way.
I miss summers in Conneaut.
I miss being a snack mother.
I miss inviting friends over to the house.
I miss being thin and healthy.
I miss being a wife.
I miss constant activity in my house.
I miss my college friends.
I miss planning get togethers.
I miss entertaining often.
I miss being proud of my life.
I miss enjoying life.
I miss happiness.
I miss contentment.
I miss being hopeful.
I miss looking forward to what life brings me next instead of dreading the day ahead.
I miss the fact that I didn't realize the impact of losing two people in my life (my husband and my mother) would have on the rest of my life. 


Judi said...

Now, you are messing with my mascara.
COME BACK TO YOUR BLOG! That missing, you can fix!
I'm waiting right here for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Eileen,
My heart hurts for you my friend. But, I am so pleased you wrote about it and I hope you continue to. I just joined your blog and I already want more :) You are not alone....I'm not sure you realize how many wonderful friends you have...let us take the place of some of your pain. No, we can't bring back our most precious loved ones and missing is a daily effect of the loss...but God does promise we will all be together Peace!!!
I am looking forward to sharing your Pain and Joy so Please come back and entertain US!!! luv U lots <3

Anonymous said...

Oh Eileen,My heart feels for you. But I know from your other posts that you ate a strong, able woman.
I think we all feel the loss of the way things were when we grew up. Maybe it is a fault of being a child of the 60's? I miss my grandparents whom I lost in the early 70's, before I really appreciated them and what they knew.
I was never married but have been dissed by my last gf of 14 yes. I treated it as marriage..... obviously she didn't!!!
I guess what I'm trying to convey is, "You're not alone in your growing old pains, we all experience them to some extent or another!"
I promise you, of ever our paths cross again, I will slow dance with you. I know I'm not Dan, but I've been told by female friends I dance pretty good n'at!!

Your friend from Sr Madonna's first grade class,
Joe Cringle

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Awe Joe,
Thank you. You're sweet. And I'll take you up on your offer!!

Sue said... heart aches for you and with you....sending you lots of love and hugs...

Anonymous said...

I miss living with the knowledge that Eileen the eternal optimist will always make me smile, I'm praying for the laughter through these tears... Love, Kitty