Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This Thursday we will meet at Hambone's on Butler Street. We can sit in the side room and watch the game, or for those who are interested, we can discuss the following:
ANGER: THE TWISTED LIGHT A journey into the meaning of anger
LECTURE, 10th of September, 2006, 7:30PM
What is anger? What is any emotion in its inner nature? This evening's lecture will examine emotion as misplaced cognitive power and as a failed gesture of creativity and perception. Emotion is the fallen, self-oriented form of feeling -- that heightened sensitivity by which we know and contribute to the world. We will consider whether anger is ever justified, and how to transform it into the power of meditation.
Just joking of course, Erin and Janice thought this would make us look official. They need some discussion points in case they are forced to attend lecture. (We know how angry they are)
See you all tomorrow, remember to look for us in the other dining room. I will be there around 7:30 to watch the beginning of game.
Girls, try to think of new places to go. I am running out of ideas. Let me know.