Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anger Management at Le Mardi Gras

Would someone please tell the people of Shadyside that they don't have to keep that Dentist appointment if there is a blizzard outside. Don't have time to rant tonight, we are crazy busy. Geeze, I wish these people would just go home and shovel their sidewalks or something. They have a snow day for God's sake, stay home and watch a movie or clean your house.
Well, I guess I had a little time to rant.
Don't even get me started on last week bowling escapade.........more on that another time.
Mrs. Depp asks that we just meet at Le Mardi Gras this week. She will be busy with her father and it is a whole lot easier for her to meet us there.
So there you have it. Tomorrow at Gras around 8:00.
I'm sure everyone has a little cabin fever from being in all week (unless you had a dentist appt.) so come thirsty.
Mrs. Depp and the Mayor braved the ice and cold Tuesday for a mini mid-week anger management session. Had a little too much fun thinking I, too would be off today like the rest of the city, but no, not me. Had to be here 12 hours today so the nuts could get that all important root canal. Needless to say, I'm am on my way home now and off to bed to be ready for tomorrow.
See you all then.
The Mayor

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Mrs Depp said...

The Tuesday mid week session did me wonders. I never knew you could drink just as many halves as wholes and get the same effect.