Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday at Cafe Sam

This Thursday we are headed to Cafe Sam, 5242 Baum Blvd.(across the street from Ritter's)
We are going to be sitting upstairs on the patio. Hopefully the weather is nice, because it is beautiful up there.
A little history on Cafe Sam:
About 19 years ago I was a stay at home mom. My sister in law was getting married that December. I needed extra money for shower and wedding, plus Christmas was coming. Having waited tables in college and vowing never to do it again, I thought, what the hell, I'll just work through the holidays, it's fast easy money.
I saw an add for Cafe Sam and since it was nearby, went and applied for a job. Being a "Stouffer Girl" in college, I thought I could get a waitress job anywhere. (I still could, if the owner was over 80 years old)
Anyway, Andy, the owner was not impressed. He told me I was too old and asked if I could keep up with the college kids. I WAS THIRTY ONE FOR GOD'S SAKE.........
But he must have been desperate because he made me promise to stick it out for 4 weeks.
Long story short. It was a long four weeks. I ended up working lunch for 13 years. And he still couldn't get rid of me, because now my son works there.
It's a great place with great food, so come hungry.

FYI: While I am a few month's shy of 50, I could STILL run circles around those college kids, including my own.

We will be at Cafe Sam at 7:00. Just head up to the patio.
If weather will not participate, we will just be at the bar.

Not that it was a wild night or anything, but Ginny (First Cousin)fell and broke her finger last week leaving Elbow Room. She is having surgery tomorrow, needless to say, she will not be joining us.

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