Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Who Watches Toast Toast???????

I've come to this conclusion folks: I'm just not going to get up before noon anymore. That's it.
No more.
So let me explain.
Friday night I baby-sat my cousin's daughter. It was fun. First because she's a littl girl and I have lived with all boys for the good part of 25 years. Second, she's great company. We did girlie things. Talked girlie talk. Not that I'm a girlie girl or anything, but once in a while, it's fun to hang out and do girlie things. She wsas actually excited to take Smokie out for a walk with me. When I mention doing this with my boys, they run from me.
So,anyway. I went to bed really early Friday .
Got up pretty early (for me anyway) on Saturday.
Headed out to run errands.
We all know what happened last time I tried this. I really should know better.
First stop Breugger's on S. Aiken.
Hmmmm I thought, why is there a line out the door?
Finally see a counter.
The two people in line have been up there an awfully long time.
What could they possibly be ordering?
Then I see it.
"This can't be" I tell myself in my Irish Whisper.
Then I see it again.
The girl sashay's over to the toaster with one bagel at a time and WATCHES IT TOAST.
Sashay's back again WITH ONE BAGEL!!!
Again and again.
By this time I am seething.
I start the buzz.
I say to the person in front of me "Can you believe she is WATCHING TOAST TOAST?"
The buzz get louder and louder.
The woman two people behind me also starts complaining saying things like"Yeah, and it doesn't get any better when you get up to twinkle toes on the register"
By this time everyone is in an uproar.
(Sort of like Attica only different)
Miss sashay is still clueless, still never breaking a sweat, watching the toast toast.
By the time I get up to twinkle toes, I am livid.
I proceed to tell him about Miss Sashay.
He, in the understatement of the day tells me there is a line because they are shorthanded.
Give me a break.
No, No, No Mr Twinkle toes, you are not shorthanded, you just need to hire someone who can put more than one bagel in the toaster at a time.
I swear, if she were my employee, I would have personally through her out the front door.
I just can't get over it, a line out the door and this bimbo was watching TOAST TOAST.
Oh Well.
After leaving there, I went home and just went back to sleep. Vowing to never get up before noon again.
So kids, my Friday nights had better start getting more exciting so I can sleep through the times and days that I am most angry.
Which causes me to believe I am seeing a pattern here.

Not to change the subject, but I am going up to the lake until Saturday so I will not be attending Anger Management on Thursday.
Again, if one of you want to take over for this week feel free.
But I will be floating on Conneaut Lake on my boat,
Worlds away from Miss Sashay.

See you all next week.

I apologize for grammar mistakes and mispellings. I am typing on the fly and don't have time to reread.
Happy Fourth of July.
Every year I watch A Capitol Fourth on PBS and say I am going to Washington next year.
Again I do not make it.
Oh well, Maybe next year. I love watching it on tv.

Afterthought: Did anyone find out why sashaying has such a negative conotation?

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