Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reality Sucks!

I'm Baaack!!!!!
Back to my dull, ordinary life.
Why can't I have an apartment at the Waldorf huh, huh,huh?
It's just not fair.
Damn those people.
What a place. I'm tellin you, I was in New York a whole day without ever leaving the Waldorf.
First there's the room. It had a sitting room for Christ sakes.
Who has sitting rooms?
And why should one have one?
One of these days I would like to own a sleeping jacket and sit and read a book in my sitting room.
Maybe even hold a cigarette holder.

Then, there is actually status elevators in the hotel.
The center elevators means you are in the Towers, the ones at the end of the lobby are mere rooms.
So after 24 hours, I actually got an attitude.
Turning my nose up to those who weren't quite lucky enough to have sitting rooms and such.
Ha, the nerve of me.
(We were in Towers, of course!)
Then I did my whole people watching in the Lobby.(My favorite thing) Wow. I really spent my first 24 hrs. in NY without leaving hotel.
I ate a Waldorf Salad at the Waldorf.
I could go on and on, don't want to bore you all.

Back home now.
Walked in house. Dog's bowl empty, house smells like smoke. Fast food cartons everywhere. Dirty socks on the floor. Newspapers everywhere. Mail on floor exactly where it fell when pushed through slot.
Yeah, welcome home mom.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Guess what time I went to bed in NYC on Friday.
10:00. Can you believe it? I just wanted to sleep in that beautiful bed. It's amazing how great you feel sleeping in a bed that doesn't have holes chewed into it from one's dog.
Speaking of, yeah, Smokey was thrilled to see me.
Damn dog.
Well, I'm all rested, ready to go tomorrow.

One thing I did not do in New York? BUY A PURSE!!! I am cured. I left the city without even looking at a purse. I can't believe it. I told everyone I need serious help if I come home with another purse.

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