Monday, December 03, 2007

Ouch,Ouch, Ouch!!

Warning: Some of this may not make sense. This post is the ramblings of a
woman "Doped Up" on Vicodin and Steroids.
And ya know what? I wasn't even the one rolling on the floor after 38 bottle of Champagne Saturday night, ie, Kathy and Ski. Still laughing about that one.
That's it, maybe I pulled a mussel laughing!Did we have fun or what?????
Since we're on the subject.
The tally from Saturday.
All in all, 38 bottles of Champagne were drunk by 31 people. Included in that number is FOUR magnums. (so I guess that would work out to about 42) Some people didn't give in and had to drink beer, so we also drank two cases of beer. And a bunch of other "Shit"(If you know what I mean!)
For a Grand Total: $2,125.00.

Those of you who missed it, missed a great, great time as the pic to the right can attest to. And the picture below will prove.This was taken half way through the party!

-Check out Barb's new blog. "Life in a Four Letter State". Too funny. The link is to the left. Just double click on link. I think you girls can handle that.
-I am headed to New York this weekend for my annual trip. Staying at the Waldorf Astoria, Woo hoo! This is my favorite weekend of the year and wouldn't give it up for anything. (Even though this year, I'll be bent over in pain)At least the beds at the Waldorf don't have holes from ones dog. Maybe it'll do my back some good.
-Went to my first Hanukkah party (Is that what it's called?) tonight at Janice's. The "Hanukkah Hustlers" took advantage of the token christian during the Dradle Game.
-While we're on that subject, notice the new Christmas Pic on Blog. Can you guess which one of Santa's elves is the Hanukkah Elf? How about me. I had to look twice. I though it was my son and not me in the pic.
-Thursday is Kathy's Birthday. We are going to be headed to Sunnyledge.
Hopefully see you all around 8:00. I'll be the one hunched over the table!!
-Bunch of other stuff going on, But the state I'm in, can't remember!!!!

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Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

just realized the angry santa pic half of us are cut off. I'll fix tomorrow. Too tired and out of it to fix. Sorry.