Friday, June 27, 2008

About Last Night........

Oh man, how 'bout last night?
Did we have fun, or what?
A few observations, conversations, acclamations, calculations and genuflections.
First off, a little background info.
This week instead of the Anger Management Girls meeting at one of the local tap rooms, someone suggested going to the movies to see "Sex in the City."
So y'all know what happens next when one of us have a suggestion. Yea, all the AMG's started talking at one time, saying things like when we should go, where, what to wear, what we should do before and after. You get the idea.
After the heads stopped spinning and mouths stopped talking, we decided to "borrow" a bootleg copy of the movie and watch it at Megs.
Can I just say, Thank the Good Lord Jesus, we didn't go to a theater.
Thirteen of us showed up at Megs for good food, good conversation and hopefully good movie.
The original plan was to put her big screen TV out in the back and swim or sit outside while watching.
The weather had other plans.
So never let it be said that the AMG are not adaptable.
We just moved things inside. Its not like there is a shortage of space in that house. We picked one of the THREE living rooms to sit and watch the movie.
Big screen TV. Very spacious sofa's to sit on. Two sided fireplace. The balcony's. The view of the pool. If one used their imagination, yes, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and the one whose name I can't remember, would fit right in.
So after devouring a feast, we settle in the the movie.
Let's just say thank God we didn't go to a theater. We would have been kicked out after the first twenty minutes.
About 8 minutes into it, the peanut gallery comments started.
I think I speak for more than myself when I say the girls in the movie were getting on my nerves.
First thing up, the clothes. I don't think I'm the best one to comment on this. But, since you asked. (ok you didn't, but it's my blog) I never quite got the whole fashion thing. I think the People Magazine article naming Sara Jessica Parker as the worlds most unsexiest woman is right on. Is it just me or does she look like the Wicked Witch of the West?

And then there's the mole.......the mole......the mole!
I can't even begin to print the comments about the mole
Maybe I'm missing something. And believe me,I am saying this as someone who for twenty years didn't wear anything unless it was navy blue with a white collar. But I appreciate looking at good clothes. They were few and far between here in this movie. Did you ever watch the Paris fashion shows on TV and wonder who wears these things?
I guess now we know.
Another observation. Again, it may be me, but they sort of got on my nerves. They came across as whiny, self absorbed bitches. Ahem, keep comments to yourself please.
Really, the whole calling off the wedding thing. I'm sorry, but if someone says they've been thinking on the day of my wedding. I sure as hell want to hear them out and hear just what the hell they've been thinking.
What I'm trying to say is during most of the movie, I caught myself siding with the men.
The whole thing kinda got on my last nerve. I'm just happy I didn't pay to see it.
One more thing and I promise I'll quit. How about the hideous bird one her head. Christ, no wonder he was having second thoughts. He was thinking, Jesus, do I really want to spend the rest of my life with a woman who wears birds on her head and thinks that's OK?

I almost forgot. Charlotte's creepy adopted daughter. Why did she feel the need to bring her with her every where? Some places aren't suitable for children. A bachelorette party where four woman talk about the men they sleep with is certainly on the top of my list.
I was ready to call CYS for God's sake.

I am going to get shit for this, but here goes. Miranda's husband confessed to cheating because they hadn't had sex for six months. Not that it's right, but as Harriet would say, if you can't keep a man happy at home, he's going to look elsewhere. Just the same a woman will look elsewhere if she is not happy.

And the whole marriage thing. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?
I know, I know.

Changing the subject a little. OK a lot.
Obama is encouraging people to donate to his campaign to help Hillary with her campaign debt.
THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. She decided to do that herself. She could have and should have bowed out months before she did. She decided not to. She has to pay her own bills.
This is making me really, really angry. It is not right. I know, I know, it's all for the good of the party.
But for me it's personal. Those who know me, know details. She took a good friend of mine and threw him under the bus to save her own ass. Don't know how her or her husband sleep at night. But that's their problem, not mine.
I cannot forgive and certainly will not forget.
If for one minute I think that one of my hard earned dollars that I donate to Obama is going to help her in any way, I will never again give him one dime.
I mean it.
I know it's short sighted of me. Can't help it.
The Bitch.
But you know, that's what's so great about this country of ours. We are all entitled to our own opinions. And we respect those whose opinion differ with our own. Just look at all the different opinions we AMG's have.
Sorry. I'm done now. Will not mention it again.

Do we all agree Kathy is certifiable?
I thought so.

See you all next week.
Have a nice weekend.
Don't know how many of us are in town next week. Let me know.

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Judi said...

But I thought the next door neighbor who showered outside had a nice cock. That has to be worth something.
Just a thought. Trying to be positive.