Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Signs of summer are everywhere.
I'm hot as hell.
My flowers are blooming. (A miracle, I know)
I'm hot as hell.
Kids are done with school.
I'm hot as hell.
People are headed to the beach.
Did I mention I'm hot as hell?
But nothing says summer's here in Pittsburgh quite like Kennywood Park.

The new Kennywood commercials started about a month ago. As I watched this season's commercial the first time, I suddenly remembered that the park had been sold. It is no longer a local company. Or an American company for that matter.
I was reminded of this fact about two or three seconds into the first commercial.
Wanna know how?
I'm sure you all thought the same thing. As least if you grew up in the Burg.

The commercial starts with the phrase "KENNYWOOD'S OPEN"

Come on. What's the first thing you do when someone says to you "Kennywood's open?"

Of course you look down at your zipper.

Didn't any of the employees of the advertising agency responsible for the commercials say, "Hey, wait a minute. You can't say that. I grew up in Pittsburgh. And that phrase has absolutely nothing to do with Kennywood."

You'd think someone there grew up at least near Pittsburgh.
I guess not.

I think it's a riot.

It's these stupid things that make me miss my mother. She would have thought it was hysterical. She would have called me, and we would have giggled like two school girls getting ready for the "School Picnic"

Tomorrow we are going to be celebrating the first summer AMG on Ginny Ann's deck.
She has wine and strawberry daiquiri's.
If you want to drink anything else, BYOB.
See you all round 8.

Hey you, Kennywoods Open! hee hee

Late Edition: It's not as if I needed proof of this, but I google image "Kennywoods Open" to see what came up. Yep, you guessed it. The whole first page had pictures of either zippers or people pulling up their zippers.

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Ms. B. said...

Hey Irene,

On the PA Turnpike there is a huge billboard with a close of of a zipper....might even be the one you included....and it says 'KENNYWOOD IS OPEN" on the sign.

Pretty good stuff!