Monday, July 28, 2008


Sorry girls, bad news.
This might be more info than anyone needs, but two weeks ago I canceled my colonoscopy so I could get a head start on my vacation.
Well, I rescheduled for this Friday.
You all know what that means........
Yeah, I thought so.
No Anger Management this week. Unless you all want to go on without me. And if past experience is any indicator, fat chance of that happening.

So, if you need help getting though the week, here's a thought.
Jimmy Brose has promised to make us his Mojhita's NEXT Thursday, August 7.
I know, I know, it will be difficult, but bear with me here girls. When feeling sorry for yourself, just think of what I'll be doing instead.
Uhhh yeah, I'd much rather be drinking with you all.

My mother died from colon cancer. I am way, way overdue for this test. My Doctor has been yelling at me. So I can't make excuses for not doing it anymore.
I talk a good game, yelling at you all for not doing it. And here I am. Being a sissy-la-la.

Nadine has even offered up her 106 year old husband to take me.(Sign of a true friend--I'm sure Danny is thrilled!!

On the up side, I'm sure this experience will provide me with plenty of material for this blog, like I need it!!!!!

I almost forgot, I wanted to share this picture of Ginny Ann water sking on Conneaut Lake with the boys!


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