Thursday, July 31, 2008

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I often wondered how the other half lived.
I always knew there were people like this out there.
Imagining what it was like.
What does one do?
And now I know.
You all know who I'm talking about?
The people who stay in on Thursday's of course!
It's like seeing the world through a whole different pair of glasses folks.

So we all know I had to stay in tonight.
Um, yeah.

So I watched TV all night.
First the stupid Entertainment Edition shows.
Ugly Betty came on at 8, I had enough by 8:15. Off it went.
I did like Grey's Anatomy though. I think I am the only person in America who's never seen it before.
It was good. But not good enough to keep me in on Thursday's.
Then I watched some other show whose name I can't even remember at 10.
The news came and went.
And now I'm on to David Letterman.

On a good note, AMC is repeating the premier of Madmen at 12:30. I have been wanting to catch it all week and haven't had the chance. I guess I do now.
Between bathroom visits. (I know, TMI)
I keep thinking about that poor woman who's husband locked her in the bathroom for 5years or something. When they rescued her, she was stuck to the toilet. She had been sitting for two years without moving.
Her husband got life in jail. As he should have.
I really can relate!

Onto other things.

I was walking Smokey the Guard Dog after work tonight. I walked past this young man loading three laundry baskets into his car. They were full of dirty laundry. I guess he was going to the laundromat.
As I walked passed him, I was thinking "Thank God I don't have to do that anymore."
Then I remembered one of my past lives.

I hope this doesn't sound like a "I was so poor, we......." But the first time I owned my own washer and dryer was after I had my second kid.
Looking back, how did I do it?
I remember after I had Danny, my Aunt would come to my house to pick up baby clothes to wash for me. Can you believe it?

I don't know why, but for some reason, my mother never wanted a washer. She had one in the basement for abut 20 years that she never connected. She washed everything out "by hand" and hung them out to dry. We would take the big things to the laundry mat.
God I hated that.

When I went away to college and lived in the dorm, all the girls were complaining of having to walk all the way down the hall to do laundry. I was thrilled. I didn't have to drag baskets up the street.

One time I was at the laundromat and I forgot a load of jeans in the dryer. I ran right back and they were gone. I was so mad. That was pretty much my whole wardrobe back then. There was this kid in there and I know he took them. I still see him and always think "Creep, you stole my jeans in 1976!"

Oh well, sorry this is so boring.
On the up side. I'll finally know what the world is up to on Friday mornings!

Get ready next week girls.

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