Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother Of The Year

So Christina Korbe misses her kids and wants them to be allowed to visit her while she is in prison awaiting trial for the killing of FBI Special Agent Sam Hicks.
Her attorney said she has not been allowed to see her three children since the November 19 morning that she shot and killed Agent Hicks.
Wow, what a coincidence, Agent's Hicks son Noah has not seen his father since that very same morning!

If any of you out there have sympathy, take a minute to listen to these tapes of her recorded phone conversations from prison.


I'm guessing she hasn't received that call from Oprah that she's been waiting for.


Scoop Murphy said...

I'm skipping a beat on this since I can't recall this Korbe gal. Google will fill me in; but, just from what you have written: NO SYMPATHY HERE. None whatsoever.


Judi said...

THEY give Pittsburghers a bad name!
Honestly, listening to their trash Pittsburgh accents actually make me sick...
My heart really goes out to those kids....how will they ever make it?
And, that book she was reading....OMG...she doesn't even know who wrote it....she spells out his name as if she never heard it before (because she didn't). She better pick up a few more good books...
Thanks for the perfect before-bed activity. It's given me enough energy to finish up those damn dishes in the sink!

Anonymous said...

which is why she should pick men for her jury because you cunts are too stupid and biased to understand why you might shoot at a bearded stranger who busts into your house in the early morning.