Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Life........ Just One Fun Week After Another!!

I guess I better write something because I have been reminded that my posts are getting farther and further apart. (I've used one of each since I don't know if it is further or farther. Could someone help me out on that? Thank you.)

So my father was in the hospital this past week. He came home from the Lake for Easter and I convinced him to see a Dr. on Monday morning. He hasn't been to the Dr. since my mom died 9 years also. Oh yeah, and he also quit taking the cumedin he was on for his mini strokes.
I convinced him to go to Dr. and get the once over. What could it hurt? Right?
Long story short, they admitted him to the hospital. But not after he refused and I had to beg the Dr. to let him go to the Pirate Game first and promised I would drive him straight to the hospital after the game.
Which I did.
He's 85 years old and he can do what he wants goddammit!That was the phrase of the week.
So every day that they kept him, I got yelled at because it was all my fault. I made him go to the Dr. and he was fine and I said he would only be there for a day and it was now going on 6 days, blah, blah, blah.........

When they were admitting him, they ask for his health history. He answered nothing. Nothing at all has ever been wrong with him. According to him, he has always been a picture of health. Always. He neglected to tell them about the strokes, heart cath's, heart attacks, pneumonia, ulcers, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, knee surgery, etc. etc. Yeah, a real picture of health.

Anyway, he is fine now. They got his heart rhythm under control, finally. I think they were successful with that when they got him to stop getting dressed and ready to go home every morning. Or maybe drugs had something to do with it. I don't know.
I told him to look at it this way; he got to read the local death notices for a whole week.

So, last week was a crazy week. Forgive me for being lax in my blogging.

Oh, how about this conversation I overheard while visiting the hospital? There was this white trash woman in the cafeteria one day talking in the Irish Whisper.She was saying she really needs a break and that she is going to call "all her babies daddies" to take the kids for a few days.
Whatthefuck?????? ALL her babies daddies.
Maybe she should have thought about that before she did all her babies daddies!
I must be getting old.

Speaking of babies.........I am sure you all know by now, but how about our newest AMG boy!
Ryan Dean. Can't wait to see him!!! How cute is this.

This babies Daddy AND Mommy are both gorgeous.He has the map of Ireland written all over that face. (OK, maybe a little of Greece too!)
So it goes without saying he will be a heart breaker. Ladies, look out for your daughters in about 20 years!
He looks like an angel. Almost makes you want to have another doesn't it? It doesn't?
OK, maybe I stretched that a little. It doesn't. But I'm sure Erin is up for the task. (Shhhh, she's young, what does she know!) I'm sure all the times I called her crying about my kids, she probably doesn't even remember any of that. I hope.

*Picture at top is of my father and me probably from Murphy's five and 10 (The Fivey)
around 1958.


Irishembi said...

I don't blame you one bit for taking him to A Pirate game (except that in and of itself probably wasn't good for his mood....).
I remember when my Ex's family and doctors forced his Grandma to quit smoking at the ripe old age of 87. Poor woman was miserable.

Really. At 87 just how many more years will quitting smoking add on to her life? Let the poor woman have her cigarettes....

Anyway, glad your Dad is feeling better. Feistiness is always a good sign.

Cute baby too! It DOES almost make me want another.


Judi said...

Really, I wasn't reprimanding you for not blogging. I just missed ya....
But, gee, could you have come up with a better story than the old your dad is in the hospital story....
Just loved the fact that your dad had to go to the Pirate game before beging admitted to the hospital. The man has his priorities straight! Something to look forward to in my old age....
So glad he's doing okay. Sounds like a handful. A fun handful but a handful nonetheless! Ah yes, these fathers of ours....!
Thanks for blogging...

Anonymous said...

love the picture...a thousand words worth!! Kit

amyinbc said...

What a gorgeous baby.. sigh.

Good for you for taking dad to the game before the hospital stay. Hoping he is doing well and hell yeah, when you are 85 and spirited he can ALMOST do anything he wants goddammit!

I work helping seniors stay in their home. Love them (except the really nasty ones ;) and their histories, strength and wisdom. All the best to your dad!

Judi said...

Eileen....You've gotta help! Something is terribly wrong with VodkaMom! Someone has done something to her and she's stopping her blog!
Hurry, we can't waste any time! She's seriously leaving blogland! Do you think we need to take a road trip to Happy Valley to help out? OMG!

Judi said...

P.S. love the pix....I had that very same hat!

Judi said...

Read your email for news from Vokamom.....