Saturday, April 25, 2009

Texas, Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass... And Some Other Great Lines.

OK I'm going to do this on the fly because it's 85 degrees and sunny in the Burg for the first time since Pete Flaherty was mayor and I don't want to waste the day in my kitchen on the computer. So grammar police, go out find a donut and coffee or something.

If you didn't catch Real Time With Bill Maher this week on HBO, please do so.
He compares the Republicans to a jilted ex-husband whose wife left him for (gasp) a black guy.
And one of the funnier lines (paraphrased)"The Republican were all up in arms that Obama accepted a book from Chavez, they are just pissed he knows hows to read it."
Funny, funny stuff.Check it out. If you don't get HBO, watch it online here:

Real Time With Bill Maher - 04/24/09 (Season 1 Episode 150) at

Speaking of good weather and Pittsburgh, How 'bout those Bucco's huh? Could we possibly have our first 500 season in over 15 years.
Just askin'?
Don't want to be a jinx or anything.
My son is the last forever hopeful Bucco fan. He's the only one left who looks forward to baseball season with great hope that THIS will be their year. Year after year, after year.
Yeah, he's young and still oh so hopeful.

In a few weeks the The Anger Management Girls and Carl will be diging out thier "green weenies" (not Carl's)for the second annual Pirate outing. How much fun is THAT going to be? We will behave I'm sure.

I'm outta here.....You can kiss me good-bye! Enjoy your day.


Judi said...

Yes, it was sunny and hot, hot, hot in Judiland too (which, interestingly enough is only a few miles from Eileenland)! So, I did what any respectable Pittsburgh girl would do on a day like today---I shaved my legs! And, I opened that Pedi_egg thingy my sister gave me for Christmas and I grated my winter callouses until they bled. After that, I slathered on some fake tan and went to Giant Eagle. Yeah, I'm so exciting like that...
Hope you enjoyed your day too!
Sending kisses....Judi

zelzee said...

Bill Maher cracks me up usually.

Go Pirates!