Monday, April 19, 2010

Calgon, Or Anyone.........Take Me Away.......Please!

I have this amazing bathroom that I rarely use. Seriously. Except for the obvious, I have never taken full advantage of the most amazing room in my house.

When renovating the house, I took a bedroom out of my second floor and made it into a very large bathroom. It has a soaking tub, a working fireplace, marble floors,the works.
When someone sees it for the first time, the first thing out of their mouth is that they would love to borrow my bathroom, light the fire, and sit in my tub with a glass of wine and a good book.

I have never done that. Not even once.

Now those of you out there in bloggerland who know me, know that I have trouble sitting still for very long let along soaking in a tub. I think to myself sometimes, what was I thinking? The money could have been put to better use. Oh well, It's water down the drain now!

Anyway. Today, I'm miserable. I'm bored. I'm just plain ol' tired. And I'm longing for my old June Cleaverish life. Looking back, I seriously didn't mind stepping over 15 bicycles to get into the house. The toys that I stepped on regularly didn't leave any permanent marks on the bottom of my feet. And the rugs eventually dried from all the kids running in and out of the pool to go to the bathroom.

Tonight, I think I need to take a long, hot, bubble bath. I want to close my eyes and be taken back to Sherrod Street. In my old bathroom. The one where I couldn't have a moments peace. Not the marble bathroom, but the one with the toy basket in the tub. I want my kids banging on the door telling me they are hungry, or they need help with homework. I want the dog barking either because he wants someone to take him for a walk, or one of the Grubbs boys snuck in the house again and is chasing him........Calgon.....Take me away!! Preferably into somebody else' life!! Angelina Jolie's maybe?


Judi said...

Alright....I'm half feeling sorry for you and half envying you. Feeling sorry for you because...well....I get it. But, I have to admit--I have a serious case of bathroom envy. I know a bathroom can't make all your troubles go away. But, shit girl, you have a soaking tub AND a your bathroom!! Oh, and you have marble! ( this how you met the plummer?) As much as I love shoes--they don't always save me...they just keep me from going barefoot and give me something to trip over as I try to walk through my bedroom. If I may ask--what were you thinking when you put in that Shadyside-ish bathroom? Maybe if you can remember your reasons for doing it, you'll take pleasure in it more than you do now! Anyway...I do get what you are saying. Growing up is hard and sometimes life sucks and then you die. Some help I am. Well, I figure--might as well get all the crankiness and misery out of the way all at once. Let the water and soap wash it out of your life!
I hope you are hanging out in that tub right now....right this very minute I can see you there (well, there's bubbles covering your naughty bits) and Brad Pitt (minus Angie and the kids).
I'm sorry you are miserable and bored and longing for your past life. That just sucks. But, at least you have a really great bathroom....

Jody V said...

Oh Eileen...I'm right with you. But...minus the soaking tub, a working fireplace, marble floors,the works. But..I'm with you!! I hope you are feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Could you post pictures with higher resolution please ?
I can barely make out who is who.
It's too far to drive on Thursday nights to see yins in person.

Judi said...

Alright, alright...I swear to God that you posted another blog entry after this. But, your cuz Angela and I just spent Cinco De Mayo on my porch so maybe I am very confused....
In any case....I am just checking in...cause that's what I do!
Try the Williams Sonoma Mango Margarita Mix....

joely said...

I read your blog last week and was just checking back. I referred a few fellow mommy bloggers to your site, the ones who were blogging about the difficulties of parenting, and they all appreciated your remarks. It made them try to take in the moment before it passes. I am home for my third day with a sick 6 yo and I know, you are right. I will appreciate this, because it too shall pass and I will be home with noone before I can blink. I like your blogs.

Judi said...

Where are ya E?
Just being nosey.....