Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where Angels Go..........

OK, OK, I didn't drown in the bathtub.
Nice to know I was missed though!!!!

Sooooooo last we talked I was mad at the Pope. So yesterday he finally saw the light and says "Today we see in a truly terrifying way that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from outside enemies but is born of sin within the Church,"
There Your Eminence (how does one address the Pope anyhow?) Was that so hard????? Geezeohman. You said it. Now.......let's move on.......I'm over it.

I've been busy lately. Seems like I've been running in circles from here to there and back again. One of the events I attended was pure joy though. My friend Andrea was honored with the Ted Craig Humanitarian Award for her work at the Woman's Shelter of Pittsburgh. Talk about a three hankie deal!!! Holy cow............

She is truly an angel to alot of people. Esp. the woman at the Woman's Shelter. And she does all of this with a life threatening disease that would have killed a lesser person long ago. Truly amazing.

Andrea and I met shortly after her divorce and Dan's death. Both of us being newly single and the same age, we hit it off. In no time we were jet setting our sorrows away. Italy, Camen Islands, Florida, New York, Vegas just to name a few.

Andrea's job comes with alot of perks and I am usually her number one seat filler.
One of her outings brought us to the Pirate Game on Mothers Day. In our box I met two of the most interesting Benedictine Nuns. Sister Susan Fazzini and Sister Audrey Quinn were foster parents to 160 children. YES, I said 160!!! Yes, they surely deserved a Mother's Day celebration much more than I!!!!!

During the game we started talking and I ask Sr. Susan what she thought of the whole Pope thingee and the healthcare debate, you know, my usual.......Andrea rolls her eyes and holds her breath and says "Here we go." But I know she's praying to herself saying "Please Dear Lord, don't let them bring up the Capachuns." (whole other story!)
Instead, I bring up the fact that I used to dress up like a nun and play mass when I was a kid, etc......So I pull up this here blog on my blackberry and show her. She in turn wants my blog address and so I gave it to her.

When I got home, I got to thinking. Man oh man what did I do? What if I offend her? She's a nun for cryin' out loud. Although not as scary as Sr. Florentine or Sister Margarete, but still probably could do some damage. So I went back through some of the rough posts and re-read them. Sort of like through the eyes of a nun. After all, I spent a few years in that habit. Plus, I didn't ask,but as someone who has eighteen years of Catholic Schools under my belt, I'm guessing I might have just as many, if not more, years of Catholic schooling. But don't quote me on that. I'm just guessing.

Anyway, I thought about changing some language, but that would change the whole tone of some of the posts. So I left it. And started saying the rosary.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email from my new BFF Sr Susan saying how much she loved reading my blog!!!!

She wrote me a wonderful note about the blog and my writing.
The extra rosaries must have did the trick!

You know, the world could use a few more angels like Sr. Susan, Sr. Audrey and Andrea. They are true Christians who walk the walk.

And you know what the song/movie says "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows."........

Uh, that trouble would be ME!!!!

And for the record, that email is so going to be kept in the back of my mind for use when I get to the Pearly Gates. If St. Peter has to think about it, I am so going to mention that nuns liked my blog and I drive a blind lady I hardly know to get Chemo on Friday mornings after going out late with the AMG's on Thursday nights. Hey, that could be the deal changer. Hey, if it means Heaven or hell, I'm not above name/good deed dropping! Every little bit helps those of us on the cusp.

***I must be hanging with the right people because remember when I told you I was praying to the Patron St. of Computers for a new one? Well Ski called yesterday saying she got a new laptop and wanted to know if I wanted her old one. Thank you St. Charles Borromeo............Look out bloggerland, I'm coming back!!!!

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Judi said...

I am so happy about your computer and the return of you that I could f'in shit! But, first, I have to find some way to up my do-good quotient! Honestly, when I read about folks like your friend and the nuns, I feel like a vulgar slacker! And, I'm not just saying that because I need some get-into-heaven material (honestly, I doubt even if I started doing good now, I'd have a guarantee. I'd have to quit my job to devote myself full time to it to make up for the past 51 years....).
So, are you voting today?
I wasn't going to and then my son reminded me about the DRINK TAX. That kicked my civic duty into action....
Welcome back Sister Eileen!